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March 20, 2016

Costa’s Garden Odyssey s02.

SBS Australia 18 March 2010

Ep01: Costa travels to Dromana to show us how we can create beautiful and sustainable gardens from fruit and vegetable plants.


Ep2: Costa visits Brisbane to share inspiring stories from one of the most severely drought affected cities in Australia.
Ep3: On a pilgrimage to reconnect with his childhood passion for cherries, Costa visits Young, Australia’s cherry capital, and investigates why cherries and other produce do so well in the area.
Ep4: Costa shows us how to bring balance and harmony to our gardens by visiting Cowra’s magnificent Japanese Garden and transforming a suburban front yard into a Japanese-inspired sanctuary.
Ep5: Costa explores our rich heritage of native plants and bush tucker at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, a community garden dating thousands of years.
Ep6: Costa shows us how gardens can be a sensory haven by visiting the Kevin Heinze Garden Centre and transforming an overgrown herb and veggie patch at the Maidstone Community Centre.


Ep7: Costa explores why Orange is gaining a reputation for growing some of the finest wines in Australia due to its unique soil and climate.
Ep8: Costa shows us how the cycles and forces of nature can bring communities together.
Ep9: Costa travels to Deloraine in the northwest corner of Tasmania, to visit the home of topiary and explore the unusual produce grown by the local boutique farmers.
Ep10: Costa travels to tropical Far North Queensland to explore the region’s exotic plants and herbs by visiting a range of functional gardens.
Ep11: Costa explores how gardening means different things to different people: from the prickly world of cacti to the faith that is driving some bushland regeneration.
Ep12: Costa travels to central Victoria to find out what type of plants and gardens can withstand extreme temperatures.
Ep13: It’s Costa’s last day at the Tembeleski household where he has transformed their backyard into a sustainable and productive space.

Originally Posted 02/09/2016

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