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October 3, 2012

crisis on jimmy’s farm.

Jimmy Doherty returns with a third series of Jimmy’s Farm and for once money is coming in and the farm is making hay. Though not everything is smooth sailing as Jimmy still has his hands full with over heating pigs and fly stricken sheep, naughty sheepdog puppies and the latest moneymaking scheme, a guinea pig village. And an experiment to release 20 free-range turkeys in the woods ends in shocking results. Underneath this farming tranquillity the long-term future of the business is in doubt. Jimmy faces tough decisions about sticking with the existing farm, or buying a new property. But everything is shelved when suddenly a mystery killer disease threatens the farm. Can Jimmy save the farm one last time?

crisis on jimmys farm s01e01

For once the money is coming in and the farm is making hay whilst the sun shines, but underneath this farming tranquillity the long-term future of the business is in doubt.

Undeterred by the anthrax scare, Jimmy throws his energies into ambitious expansion plans. A new general manager, Mike, is hired to realise these grand designs, but the money-making festive season slips away when the butchery's ordering system descends into chaos. Polish farm worker Tomas has trouble making himself understood. Porridge the prize-winning Essex saddleback boar returns in the most revolting fashion. And there is a murder in Guinea Pig Village

Jimmy and Mike press ahead with their grand plans, even though no one's added up the real cost of 'Turkeygate'. Disaster strikes when a bank loan suddenly falls through. The ensuing cash-flow problem leaves Jimmy unable to pay staff wages and facing insolvency. Plus, it's lambing season, and Max the sheepdog runs off during the local field trial.

Despite the accountants' insistence that the business is finished, Jimmy is convinced he can fight his way back to profitability. Jimmy's girlfriend Michaela grabs the helm when Mike the manager is forced to leave. Can they save the farm one last time?

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