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February 14, 2012

fork to fork.

Gardening programmes usually stop at the kitchen door and cookery programmes rarely step into the garden. But in Fork To Fork, celebrated TV gardener Monty Don and wife Sarah restore our faith in food by showing us the basics of growing organic fruit, herbs and vegetables and using the produce to create simple but delicious seasonal recipes.

Fork to Fork Part 1 of 6.avi

Monty shows he’s got more than just green fingers as he prepares a dazzling display of dishes including Aga-roasted onions, organic pizza and fresh herb omelet. Filmed at the Dons’ beautiful Herefordshire home, it portrays the unbroken – and traditional - journey from garden to table.

Part 1: Potatoes, carrots, beatroots and parsnips.
Part 2: Tomatoes, onions and organic pizza.
Part 3: Herbs. Monty makes a basil pesto, a herb omelet and shows how to propagate rosemary from cuttings.
Part 4: Pumpkins, squashes and cucumbers.
Part 5: Chard and artichokes. Monty controls slugs using nematodes, prepares a salad and bakes some bread.
Part 6: Orchard. Monty talks about apple, damson and pear trees. u

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