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January 19, 2017

Garden Architecture s01.

HGTV Canada 1997

Hosted by landscape architect Haig Sefarian, this series looks at hard landscaping in the garden. Haig is joined by designer William Anderson and how-to expert Meriel Bradley, as well as guest professional designers, architects and craftspeople, who provide inspiring and creative ideas to transform your garden space.

Garden Architecture s01e01.mp4

A big Thank You to DDGarden for providing this series!

Haig visits landscape architect Mark Hartley’s garden to discuss fundamental design principles and how structural elements like ponds, sculptures and found objects can create an intimate, functional setting for entertaining. William styles an empty balcony off a bedroom as a private seating area. Meriel weaves a rustic wooden and webbing garden screen. Later Haig discusses patio design with Rick Jesson.

Haig visits the intimate semi-detached city home of Jacob Verkade, next to a brightly-lit and noisy parking lot. Jacob has many separate rooms and levels in his garden, a water feature made from an antique bathtub to mask sound, as well garden ornaments found on his travels. Later Haig talks with Greg Aboud about garden ponds and hardy water plants. William makes over a stark patio and façade of a garage. Meriel makes a miniature sand or grass garden for a tabletop.

Haig tours landscape architect Sheila Murray’s rustic garden in her city cottage, which is full of unique found objects and secret spaces as well as several garden sheds that feature repurposed materials and accents. Later Haig looks at grade changes, terracing and garden steps with landscape architect Janet Rosenberg. William styles an exotic and intimate space under a pergola in a city garden. Meriel builds a toolbox to hold garden tools.

Haig explores the fusion garden of Paulie and Joseph Marmina that combines Zen garden principles - including a traditional Japanese raked garden - and Western architecture. Haig speaks with Bill Hewick in an urban garden divided into a series of private rooms. William makes over a 40 year-old garden design by adding focal points and dividing the space. Meriel builds a birdhouse.

Derek Bennett shows Haig how he has designed a unique garden in his very long and narrow city property, creating a series of garden rooms using a series of fences, salvaged doors and windows, arbours and paths leading to a secret room and a summer house. Later Haig discusses pergolas with landscape architect Kent Ford. William uses visual tricks to bring a high retaining wall into balance with the rest of a garden. Meriel makes a mosaic pot from leftover tile.

Garden Architecture s01e06.mp4

Haig tours the steep garden of Josie Szczasiuk, where the walls and terraces have lasted almost 100 years and are a testament to skillful building. Later he speaks with Ralph Beder about arbours. William styles a garden using the homeowner’s curios and makes the best use of space and creates some privacy. Meriel decorates with handmade beeswax candles.

Homeowner Randi Feiner shows Haig her garden where stone steps and patios create transitions, and design elements create focal points on a sloped site. Haig also speaks with landscape architect Mark Hartley about suitable materials for paths. William makes over a small urban terrace and patio space reclaimed from a back alley, and Meriel arranges flowers in an outdoor urn.

Haig looks at the garden of Nancy Holland, where the design solves the typical urban problems of noise and lack of privacy. The use of terraces to create functional space and prevent erosion is discussed with landscape architect Kent Ford. William styles a casual garden for an outdoor dinner party, and Meriel creates a unique birdbath from a sheet of copper.

Haig visits the garden of Maxine Finkelstein, whose garden design uses height, dimension and mas planting to balance a large house on a small lot. Later Haig speaks with arborist Bruce Bostock about tree pruning and topiary. William makes over an urban garden to create definition and masks a garden shed. Meriel builds a tufa planter from peat moss, gravel and cement.

Haig tours the suburban garden of Susan Chater, whose small budget has resulted in a big design as she built structures and developed the garden herself over time. Later Haig talks about deck proportion and materials with landscape architect Kent Ford. William works with a designer to style a two-level deck for entertaining, and Meriel shows how to antique a new chair to make it look weathered.

Homeowner Jane Hill is developing a unique garden originally created on a road allowance and encroaching on city land. Later Haig speaks about fences with landscape architect Mark Hartley. William shows how to add winter interest to a garden by using sculptural elements. Meriel makes a pond from a wooden barrel.

Haig visits the Japanese garden of Yosh Shin, designed and built for the tea ceremony. The garden features traditional rustic elements of Asian garden design, including a water feature, stroll garden and pruned trees. William makes over a long garden that needs connective elements and focal points. Meriel builds a whimsical picket fence planter, and Haig discusses gazebos with landscape architect Kent Ford.

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