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July 18, 2016

Garden Rescue s01.

BBC One 11 Jul 2016

Charlie Dimmock and Chelsea gold medal-winners Dave and Harry Rich transform gardens around the country within the owners' budgets.


They begin in York, helping a couple who have spent two years painstakingly renovating their terraced home. With a very small garden full of crazy paving and building materials, Charlie and the boys compete to give it a £5,000 facelift, turning into a luxurious haven to relax and entertain in. And along the way, they have a host of ideas and tips for making the most of small spaces and shady corners.

Charlie and the Rich brothers are in Walsall, competing to design a garden for three generations of a family living under one roof. With an overlooked concrete jungle for a garden, the designers have their work cut out to make their dreams come true and create some privacy for the family. With a budget of £2,000, the team transform the area into a stylish garden the family can relax in comfortably and without prying eyes. And the resourceful designers have a few tricks up their sleeves to make the family's cash stretch further.

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich Brothers are in Bedford, competing to design a garden for busy single mum Sam and her six-year-old daughter Amy. The garden is overgrown, unloved and badly in need of some TLC. Sam dreams of a trampoline for Amy, a seating area for herself and a colour-filled oasis bursting with oriental style plants. However, money is tight, and with a budget of just £1,300 the designers have to pull some tricks out of the bag to make the most of what is there already. They have tips on rejuvenating huge overgrown shrubs, a cost-effective way of replacing a tumble-down boundary fence and ideas for breathing new life into an old slippery deck.

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich Brothers are in Worcester, where they meet Andy and Angela. The couple sadly lost their 26-year-old son two years ago and haven't had the heart to work on the garden since. They want to recapture some of the happy times they spent out there with a peaceful space to relax and reflect in, and they have a budget of £5,000 to achieve it. The designers have their work cut out as they compete to design this important space - all they have to work with is a featureless lawn, a long concrete path and a prominent row of sheds at the bottom of the garden. They pull out all the stops and each come up with special designs to bring some much-needed joy to this plot.

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are off to Farnham in Surrey to meet James and his fiancee Laura, a young couple with a long, thin garden that's a total disaster. It's completely bare apart from the remains of an old bathroom suite - not a plant or flower in sight. They've renovated their house but with a wedding to plan haven't got time to tackle the garden. Added to that their budget is tight - the designers only have £1,500 to transform it from a barren wasteland to a flower-filled haven - it's a massive challenge. The designers have to use their imaginations as much as their skills in this garden. To stretch the budget they come up with some great ideas to upcycle and recycle as well as cost-effective ways of adding impact to a space and fabulous ideas for making the most of a long, thin plot.

Charlie and the Rich brothers are in Marlborough, Wiltshire, competing to transform a featureless garden into a wildlife haven with a budget of £6,000. Microbiologist and keen amateur photographer Usha wants a garden that will be a welcoming habitat for all sorts of birds, small mammals and invertebrates which will, in turn, provide great material for her photographs. Usha has another important requirement on her wish list, as a vegetarian she wants to grow all her own fruit and veg. Usha has an eye for detail and wants to pack a lot into her small plot, so the designers have their work cut out. Turning an unremarkable space that's dominated by a brutish conifer into a welcoming B&B for wildlife and a relaxing, productive, beautiful garden for Usha is a tall order.

Garden Rescue s01e06 HD.mp4 1

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers battle it out in Stoke-on-Trent for the chance to design a cool, modern garden. Lewis and Rhys are a young couple and have made their house their own, but have run out of ideas when it comes to the garden. With only three fences, a shed and a few weeds to work with, can the designers transform this characterless plot into the chic 'outdoor room' the couple dream of, and do it all within their £4,000 budget? Along the way the designers have tips on which materials to use to add a touch of luxury to your garden, and ideas for focal points to make the most of the whole garden.

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, with Kerry, Chris and their two small children who want to live The Good Life by turning their 50-metre long plot into a place to grow their own. Added to that, they want a wildlife haven, but they want it all for a budget of just £2000. Both designers compete to design the garden and come up with some fabulous budget-saving tips to make the £2,000 go further. Charlie demonstrates how to make a bug hotel, while the Rich brothers give examples of an array of plants that encourage wildlife into gardens. Plus tips on the benefits of using curved beds, and ways to use colour to get a high-end designer look.

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are in Devizes in Wiltshire to compete to design a garden for Andrea, Gary and their son Norman. This is the family's first home of their own since Gary left the army, and married quarters, a year ago, and they are keen to make it work for all members of the family. As wildlife lovers, they want an area that will attract birds, a space to grow their own veg, an area for Norman to play and a flower-filled haven for mum and dad to enjoy. The only problem is they want it all for just £1,500. The designers have to box clever with the budget to give the family the garden they are after, and along the way have some great ideas for upcycling old pallets and for creating interesting shapes within a boring rectangular plot.

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are in Northwood, Middlesex, competing to transform a large, boring lawn into an ultra-modern garden to match the owners' high-spec house. Penny, James and their two daughters live in a large ultra-modern house with slick, contemporary interiors. They designed and built their house from scratch and they've put their heart and soul into it. To complete the picture, they need the perfect garden to match. The designers both come up with plans to transform the 30 x 16 metre plot into a modern, formal garden that's based on precise lines and perfect proportions, and will work within their £5,000 budget. The pressure is on to make the design a reality as the team battle against awful weather conditions. Will they get the garden finished and to the high-spec the clients expect?

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are in Hereford competing for a budget of £2,000 to design a back garden for different generations living under the same roof. Jackie and her husband Neil bought Jackie's childhood home from her dad Mervyn so that they could all live together and care for him in his old age. With a limited budget to spend, the designers come up with some fabulous ideas for creating garden sculpture and focal points on a shoestring.

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are in Bolton, competing for a budget of £6,500 to design a garden for Lorna and Luciano and their two young sons. The garden needs to have lots to entertain the energetic boys, but that is not the only requirement - Luciano is from Sicily and would love a garden that reminds him of home, complete with a pizza oven.
Along the way the designers have some great tips for good-looking natural features that children will love, and there is no primary-coloured plastic in sight.

Garden Rescue s01e12 HD.mp4

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers compete to design a garden for Stan and Gloria in Faversham, whose cherished front garden was washed away in a landslide. Confronted with a barren wasteland and an enormous amount of tarmac, our designers compete for a £1,500 budget to restore what was once a magical front garden to its former glory. Includes some clever ideas for disguising eyesores, such as when the designers plant a living screen and indulge in some ingenious upcycling.

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are in Romsey, Hampshire competing to design a garden for Nigel and Sue with a generous £8,000 budget. The couple are looking to turn their boring, featureless plot into a stylish, sophisticated haven for spending a long and happy retirement in. Along the way the designers have a wealth of tips on how to create a bog garden and how to deal with slight slopes, plus great trees and shrubs to plant to create privacy and screening in a garden.

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are in Stevenage competing to design a garden for Jenna and Craig and their brand new twins. Confronted with a sloped and mismatched garden, dotted with unsightly manholes, and a £1,000 budget, the trio of designers pull out all the stops to make the garden safe and usable for the twins in years to come. And when it comes to disguising those manholes, the designers have just the solution.

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are competing to design a garden for a family of seven in Stamford, Lincolnshire. They've just moved from rural Rutland to suburbia and miss the sights and sounds of the countryside they've left behind. With five kids, it's a busy, noisy house - and mum and dad want their garden transformed into a peaceful area they can call their own. Charlie and the Rich Brothers have a healthy £4,500 to spend, but with an awkward plot in a built-up modern setting, it's a huge challenge to design a garden that will remind them of the rural life they miss.

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are in Bexley, Kent to visit a couple with two growing sons. As the boys get bigger, they're feeling the squeeze in the house so are keen to transform a disused area at the bottom of the garden into a new multi-functional space that they can all enjoy. The centrepiece of this space needs to be a cabin that will be an extension to their home, but they would also like a contemporary outdoor space around it. With the cabin eating up the majority of the budget, the designers have their work cut out.

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are in Fleet, Hampshire, competing to build a low-maintenance, contemporary garden for a retired couple. With a healthy £7,000 budget and only a patch of grass and fence panels to play with, our designers transform this blank canvas into a sensational garden that definitely has the wow factor. With bending over and digging being an issue, the team have ideas for making gardening less labour intensive.

Garden Rescue s01e18 HD.mp4

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are competing to design a party garden for a couple and their two teenage children in Cambridgeshire. With a high-spec, stylish home, the family now want a garden to match and have £2,500 to spend. The designers find themselves with a challenge on their hands though, as the garden is dominated by an ugly warehouse just behind it. So they come up with some ingenious ideas to divert the views in another direction.

Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers compete to design a zen space for a young couple longing for a Japanese garden. With a £7,000 budget, our designers bring east Asian style to Blackburn, turning the couple's mismatched garden into an area of tranquillity and serenity. There's a teahouse, enormous rocks and a pond. It's a big build and not one for the faint hearted.

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