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May 13, 2019

Garden Rescue s04.

E01: Southampton.

After ten years at sea, working on cruise ships, Morgan has settled in Southampton and bought a house. After fixing up the house, he now needs help with the garden, and he has a healthy £5,000 budget. This sociable bachelor wants a party space where he can entertain his friends. But, while he wants to enjoy his garden, he is less keen to enjoy it with his neighbours, so he also needs some privacy from all the overlooking windows. In a nod to his years at sea, he also wants a water feature in his garden, and as a passionate and proud Welshman, he is determined that his garden has a feeling of his homeland in it. Charlie Dimmock and Harry and David Rich try to come up with a pair of impressive designs for him to choose from.

Garden Rescue S04E01 Southampton.mp4

S04E02: Byfleet
The Garden Rescue team are in Byfleet, Surrey, to help stylish octogenarian Gay. She wants a garden where she can sit out all year long - she is often out there from as early as February enjoying the birds and the wildlife that come calling. However, since her late husband passed away she has not been able to keep up with her garden and wants a design that is simple to manage but welcoming to her many friends and family who are always dropping by. The Rich Brothers and Arit Anderson, the new recruit to the Garden Rescue team, are only too happy to come to her aid. Arit’s design uses repeating circle motifs to create interest in an otherwise small and featureless space and gives Gay a curved wooden seat surrounded by bright flowers from which to sit and entertain, while the brothers come up with a paved courtyard garden, filled with elegant multi-stemmed trees?

S04E03: Shoreham by Sea
The design team are in Shoreham by Sea, helping John and David. They have a budget of £4,500 to turn their tired garden into the perfect place to host their wedding reception.

S04E04: Shefford
Karen and Duncan live in Shefford, but Duncan is always complaining that their garden is too basic and plain'. He would like it to be modern but also contain elements of a rustic, cottage garden. They also like the idea of a curved patio – the couple say they don’t like straight lines - and what’s more, they don’t want decking! With a budget of £6,000, it’s a challenge that’s perfect for the Garden Rescue team. The Rich brothers, Harry and David, and award-winning designer Arit Anderson compete to come up with the ideal design. Will the couple choose the brothers' plan for bespoke veg beds, a pair of curved hedges and a paved courtyard, or Arit’s design that offers a new circular lawn, a choice of paved seating areas and a vertical waterfall?

S04E05: Bristol Fishponds
Garden Rescue has been called in by a young family in Fishponds, Bristol, to create a garden to unwind in after work. Zoe and Jonny are dedicated charity workers who want and need a sanctuary spot to relax away from their emotionally challenging work. They also want the designers to find a way of including a place for Zoe to grow her wedding bouquet for their upcoming marriage, somewhere for new baby, Ottilie, to play and even an outdoor spot for Zoe to practice alfresco yoga. It’s a going to be quite a challenge, but if anyone can manage it, it’s the Rich brothers, Harry and David, and Charlie Dimmock.

S04E06: Southsea
This time Garden Rescue is in sunny Southsea on the south coast. Christine has lived in her home for many decades and it used to boast a beautiful garden, planted and lovingly tended by Christine’s late husband.
Since his passing, Christine’s daughter Tracey and her family have moved into the main house, and Christine has taken up residence in a newly built granny flat. The only trouble is that the all the building work has trashed her once-lovely garden. Can the Garden Rescue team restore the garden to the pride and joy it once was while also giving it a modern feel suitable to the new refurbed house? The Rich brothers and Charlie are going to have to produce a pair of sensitive designs, but whose plan will the family prefer?

S04E07: Melton Mowbray
In Melton Mowbray in the East Midlands, Allison and Anthony would love a beautiful garden for the family to enjoy, but until now their priority has been fully focused on their adopted son, Leo. Now they are ready to finally tackle their garden and want to create a space they can spend quality family time in together. They dream of having a large outdoor cooking and dining area, and have recently knocked down an old garage to create the space to make room for this new alfresco eating area. Answering the SOS call this time are David and Harry Rich along with latest Garden Rescue designer, Arit Anderson.

S04E08: Milton Keynes
In this episode, Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, Harry and David, are in Milton Keynes to create a colourful social space for Vinay and Raunak. Vinay loves to cook, and hosting barbeques and knocking up his signature mojitos are what makes him happy. He wants a garden where he can do all that in style, and a large outdoor family dining table for everyone to gather around. His wife Raunak is more interested in filling the garden with vivid and dramatic colours, to match the style of decor she has used throughout their house. The couple do come together on one important request for the garden, though: both are Hindu and want the garden to represent their religion’s belief in the power and importance of nature. Can Charlie, Harry and David come up with a pair of designs that create Vinay and Raunak’s dream garden?

S04E09: Solihull
The Garden Rescue team are in Solihull to help Richard and Darren create their very own slice of New York’s High Line garden. The New York garden has famously turned a disused overground train line into a thriving garden that mixes contemporary paving, grass planting and leftover railway tracks. The couple want a garden in this style to remind them of their honeymoon in the Big Apple, but can the Garden Rescue team turn Richard and Darren’s unloved suburban garden into a fashionable slice of America? And can they also complete the other part of the brief - to create a space where the party-loving pair can enjoy their taste for socialising and drinking prosecco? With a budget of £6,000, at least they have the money to give it a good go!

Garden Rescue s04e10.mp4 1

E10: Appleton
Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, Harry and David, answer a Garden Rescue SOS from their youngest ever applicant, Oliver – who’s not yet ten. Bike-mad Oliver wants something that no-one else has ever asked the designers for: a BMX track in his back garden! His parents, Sally and Ian, from Appleton in Warrington, agreed to write in to the show on the condition that there was something in the garden for them too. Top of their wishlist is a new entertainment space at the back of the garden, because the current patio is in the shade most of the day while the back of the garden gets all the sun.

S04E11: Leamington Spa
The Garden Rescue team are in Leamington Spa to help Robert and Gemma and their young daughter Darcey, who is afraid of the family’s nettle-strewn, overgrown garden. The family want a place where Darcey can come out and play without fear of falling into nettles or injuring herself on the uneven and broken patio. With a budget of £6,000 to restore what was once, in the past, a well-maintained garden, the couple are after something that will set off their new home to perfection. As ever, the two design teams go head to head. Arit Anderson's deisgn incorporates a winding path and hexagonal seats, while the Rich brothers favour an elegant mix of topiary balls and wild grasses, all set off with a summer house. The decision is, as ever, with the family.

S04E12: Swindon
Busy working couple Nicola, a radiographer, and her husband Anthony, an accountant, have lived in Swindon for 13 years, but they moved to their new house only last year. They regard the house as their forever dream home, but having finally found it, the garden is letting them down! With a budget of £3,00, the couple want to bring some Mediterranean glamour and a sophisticated, colourful contemporary style to their boring and boxy new build garden. All that and being able to withstand their pet dog, who loves to dig up the plants!

S04E12: Petersfield
Jeannie and Norman have spent their retirement making the most of their long garden in Petersfield, Hampshire, but the one part of the garden they aren’t happy with is the area that overlooks the local fields and rolling Hampshire views. The couple want to turn this area at the back of their garden into a secluded, calm, Japanese-inspired ‘bolt hole’, separate from the ‘social area’ where they entertain friends and family - a ‘garden within a garden’, just for them, where they can watch the wildlife and the sun set.

S04E14: Daresbury.
Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, Harry and David, are in Daresbury, in Chester, answering a Garden Rescue emergency call from downsizers Karen and Alan. The couple have a small wedge-shaped garden with so little in it that the only thing to look at is the fences, and to make matters worse, those fences don’t even stop the garden from being completely overlooked by neighbours. The couple work from home and so they spend a lot of time looking at or living in the garden, so it's not surprising that they want to bring their space to life and create some much needed privacy, too. But they have a particular request: they don’t like straight lines and want a wandering journey through the garden.

Garden Rescue s04e14.mp4

S04E15: Bristol.
The Garden Rescue team are in the Bristol suburb of Bradley Stoke to come to the horticultural help of Laura and Andrew. This time the team have an unusual challenge - can they turn a long, pointed front garden into a water-saving, wildlife-friendly space that won’t have dad Andrew feeling embarrassed when he comes home from work? While they might not want the normal, low maintenance, simple lawn or gravel that many people have outside their front door, Andrew definitely doesn’t feel good about the tangle of weeds and overgrown wildflower meadow that has taken over the space and swallowed up the path from the street to the front door. His dream is something that won’t embarrass the neighbours!

S04E16: St Ives.
In this episode, Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers Harry and David are in St.Ives, Cambridgeshire, answering a Garden Rescue SOS from Bernadette. Bernadette is a dedicated social worker for troubled adults who has always put the needs of others before herself. However, having just recently turned 60, Bernadette finally wants some ‘me time’. A new garden can give her that well deserved reward. With a budget of only £2000, however, can the team give Bernadette the garden makeover she deserves?

S04E17: Rotherham
In this episode, Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, Harry and David, are in Rotherham to create a colourful, social space for Sue and Robert Jenkins. With their son now 16, this couple want a grown-up garden at last! But Sue suffers from Crohn’s disease, so the garden needs to be somewhere that she can relax and recuperate when fatigued. At the moment it is a boring, sloping lawn with few redeeming qualities and nothing to attract you outside. Also, they really want an additional area in the sun at the bottom of the garden, as the current patio area near the house is always in the shade. Finally, the couple are not expert gardeners but love pottering around in the summer and spring, so a garden design with summer flowers may be the answer, especially if it includes Sue’s much-loved lavender and lemon balm.

S04E18: Alton
In this episode, Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers Harry and David, are in Alton, Hampshire to bring life, colour and drama to the suburban garden of Jemma and Mike and their new baby, Annabel. Jemma and Mike visited the Provence region of France on their honeymoon three years ago and would love to take inspiration from the area. They are after a very specific look that includes lavender, roses, galvanized tubs and pea gravel paths. It’s a very romantic wish list but a long way from the lifeless, boring space they have now!

S04E19: Newport Cwmcarn
In this episode, Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, Harry and David, are in Cwmcarn, just outside Newport in Wales, to tackle Kim and Simon’s vertiginous three tiered garden. This is no simple back lawn; instead their garden is so steep it rises above the roof of the house to offer fantastic views of the local forest and mountain. Kim and Simon want to make the most of the amazing views but have no idea how to tackle the impossible tiers. Luckily, they know of people who do, Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers!

Garden Rescue s04e17.mp4

S04E20: Horsham
The Rich brothers and Arit Anderson are on a mission to create a family garden in Horsham, Sussex, for James, Charlotte and their young daughter, Esmé. They need to come up with ways for Esmé to learn about nature and wildlife while her parents get a seating area to host summer BBQs. Will the couple plump for the Harry and David's plan for a large patio, a small allotment and a multi-functional deck, or will they prefer Arit’s design, including a raised water feature flanked with stepping stones and a ‘wild kitchen’ for Esmé?

S04E21: Yardley
In Yardley in Birmingham, Tracey Parkes doesn’t have a plan in mind for her garden but as it is a tip, full of old building material, it is in desperate need of the hands-on help of the Garden Rescue team. In fact, Tracey’s husband Simon, a self-employed builder who was responsible for the pile of old building material, was the original applicant for the show. Tragically, though, he passed away from cancer before he could see his garden transformed, and now Tracey and their daughter would love to finally create the garden Simon always wanted them to have. Getting this garden finished was his last wish, and that is a call to arms that Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, Harry and David, can’t ignore.

S04E22: Chippenham
In Chippenham, young parents Becky and Kieron share a passion for cooking and want to take their love of food into their garden by growing produce for their kitchen. They also want to inspire their new baby to enjoy growing veggies and fruit as she grows up. Can the Garden Rescue team transform a typical lawn-filled space into a cookery-themed, rustic cottage garden?

S04E23: Ruddington
Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, Harry and David, bring a touch of Cornwall’s Lost Gardens of Heligan to a family home in the the village of Ruddington, just outside Nottingham. Rachael and Alex visited the famous nineteenth-century botanical gardens on a Cornish holiday a few years ago and would love to take inspiration for their new garden from the lush tropical planting that Heligan is famous for. So they are after a very specific look that includes palms and dramatic jungle planting. It’s a very exotic wish list and a long way from the lifeless, boring space they have now. Not surprisingly, the designers can’t wait to get stuck in, and their creative juices are soon flowing. With rain lashing down during the build, it’s far from the perfect conditions for planting, but at least the monsoon weather provides suitable rainforest inspiration!

S04E24: Cambourne
Garden Rescue is in Cambourne, in Cambridgeshire, where Marcus and Rebecca want their sons to grow up knowing they have family across the globe. Rebecca's brother lives in Australia, while Marcus is proud of his Scottish roots, so the result is that the couple are keen for their ‘plain Jane’ garden to be redesigned to have an Australian-cum-Scottish theme.

S04E25: Brighton
In Brighton, Elizabeth has moved into her aunt’s old home, but while she’s delighted to be living in a house that has been in the family for decades, she’s not so happy about the garden her aunt left behind. It’s nothing but a paved-over blank square. In fact, there’s so much concrete that the bird table even has chunks of concrete on it! Elizabeth has called in Garden Rescue to create a city garden full of colour and plants - a place for her to grow veg, for her beloved dog to nosey around, and for the birds to feel welcome again. Will she choose Charlie Dimmock's design for a garden with an awning-covered wooden deck and a perfect lawn, or the Rich brothers’ courtyard space complete with large, tranquil water feature and bound-gravel paths?

S04E26: St Albans
With a budget of £4,000, newly married Maltese couple Bernard and Cecilia want a beautiful garden that marries their British and Maltese lives. As well as hints of both Mediterranean planting and a classic English country garden, they also want the space to be able to grow food and herbs for their kitchen. They are keen veg growers and already own an allotment, but this garden can’t just be an extension of their allotment - it also has to work as a social space for entertaining friends, and as a family garden as they have a new baby. As Harry says, there’s a lot to pack in.

Garden Rescue s04e26.mp4

S04E27: Newport
In this episode, Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, Harry and David, are in Newport in Wales to tackle Deep’s garden. Their brief is to create a colourful, tranquil space for this spiritual woman who wants to be able to grow herbs for her catering business and practice her love of both art and meditation. Welsh lads Harry and David can’t resist the call of home either. With a £3,000 budget saved from Deep's NHS job, the designers don’t have a lot of money to play with, but as always they do have their amazing imaginations and creativity and their trusted team of hard working landscapers. But will Deep go for Charlie’s mini waterfall, cottage planting and tiny greenhouse? Or will it be the brothers’ low hedges, raised veg beds and seating area that take her fancy?

S04E28: Leeds
The Garden Rescue team are in Leeds to help Neil and his flat mate Jack, who feel they are young people trapped in an old people’s garden! Instead of the boring square of lawn they currently have, they want a party garden where socialising, cooking and drinking are as important – if not more important – than the planting. So the pressure is on to come up with a design that does justice to their £4,000 budget and also fulfils the brief for an atmospheric, party garden. As ever, the two design teams go head to head to win the right to build the guys' garden. But will Neil and Jack choose the Rich brothers' design, including a floating wood-slatted walkway, bamboo planting and a chill out zone built around a fire bowl, or Charlie Dimmock's plan for a festival lighting gantry, built-in seating and tropical planting?

S04E29: Shoreham-by-Sea
In Shoreham-by-Sea, Pat and Jeremy need help turning their boring square garden into a place of Mediterranean beauty and quiet contemplation. It’s an exciting challenge for the Garden Rescue team of the Rich brothers, Harry and David, and Arit Anderson, who will have a hefty £5,000 budget to play with. But will Pat and Jeremy choose the brothers' secluded retreat with its structured hedges, cobbled courtyards and statement water feature? Or will they go for Arit’s mindful art garden, with a central pergola, raised beds and peaceful reading area? And when they open their eyes to see their new garden for the first time, will they be transported back to the northern Italian villages they love?

S04E30: West Bromwich
The Garden Rescue team are in West Brom, to help Pauline create a beautiful retreat for her new home. At the moment, the garden is a total disaster – full of weeds and random bits of old broken junk. Making the task even harder, Pauline has bad hay fever, so part of the brief is to try to reduce the amount of pollen-creating plants that they put in. And they also need to make this garden wheelchair friendly for Pauline’s mum, who visits regularly. Between the weeds, the wheelchair access and the need to control pollen, this would be a hard enough challenge at the best of times, but with a budget of just £2,500, it is really going to be a test of creativity for David, Harry and Charlie.

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