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September 6, 2020

Garden Rescue s05.

Ep01 Bristol.
Joe and Jess got married in Greece and want to bring some Greek planting to their garden in Bristol, fused with a classic English country cottage look. They also want it to be stylish,great for socialising and to provide son Noah with loads of places to play. It is a big ask, but they have a big budget too - £8,000 - so Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are under pressure to create a top-quality job.

Garden Rescue s05e01.mp4

Ep02 Havant.
Lisa and Paul live in Havant, Hampshire, but Lisa’s heart is on the Greek island of Kos, where she has gone on holiday every year since 1991. With the garden in need of rescuing after a house extension, Lisa wants to bring a touch of Greece to her back garden, with white walls, splashes of blue, like the Kos churches, and a water feature. The trouble is, train fanatic Paul wants to run his model railway through the garden instead! Charlie and the Rich brothers have just £3,000 to combine these very different briefs.

Ep03 Shrewsbury.
When Christian and Catherine moved from London to Shrewsbury with baby Olive, they bought a Victorian house with a completely overgrown garden. They have cleared the garden out, but it’s still messy and dull. Catherine is an opera singer and Christian a comic book artist, so their home is full of cool style and bold colours, and they want Charlie and the Rich brothers to add touches of that to their garden - as well as creating a fairy glen for Olive too!

Ep04 Newbury.
Scots Kevin and Yvonne relocated to Newbury for his job. While they like the area, they are not happy with their garden. It is bland, boring and devoid of interesting features. They want something colourful, inspiring and inviting to the birds they both love. They would also like a touch of the exotic, as a reminder of a brief spell living in Brazil. Due to arthritis in her hip, Yvonne is not able to create the garden herself, so she has called in the Rich brothers and Arit Anderson to work their magic.

Ep05 Ellesmere Port.
In Ellesmere Port, Rachael, Lyndsey and daughter Missy-Mae want a garden to match their fun-loving personalities. Charlie and the brothers just have £2,000 to add some pizzazz.

Ep06 Berkshire.
Lee and his twin daughters, Sophie and Lauren, live in Thatcham, Berkshire. Lee needs a low-maintenance garden as he has a full-time job and the kids to raise alone after his wife, Alexandra, passed away from a brain tumour. The garden has to be somewhere the children can have fun and play but also remember their mum. Arit and the Rich brothers want to give them the best garden they can, and with an £8,000 budget they have a chance to create something beautiful.

Ep07 Loughborough.
In Loughborough, Joe and Stacey are doing up their house on a shoestring and need lots of help with their terrible garden. The concrete paving is unsafe for their three-year-old, Aaron, and the roots of the cherry tree at the back of the garden are a nightmare. They would like to recycle lots of their home’s original features, including rescued Victorian tiles and an old Belfast sink. At £3,000, the budget isn’t massive, but the Rich brothers and Charlie are bound to come up with lots of clever ideas.

Ep08 Powys.
Lynn and Bill have bought a new home in Llandrindod Wells, Powys. It’s a long way from their old house in Zimbabwe, and the garden is very different. They have given up a huge garden with succulents, aloes and arid plants for what they call a boring lawn with no colour and too many straight lines. The one thing they have brought with them is a collection of African sculptures that they want to display. Charlie and the Rich brothers have £3,000 to create a colourful, exotic and meandering sculpture garden.

Ep09 Letchworth.
Colin and Kay live in Letchworth Garden City, but their boring garden doesn’t really do a garden city justice. Kay really needs the help of Garden Rescue, but she doesn’t know it – quite literally, as son Andrew has arranged for the team to give her garden a makeover as a complete surprise! Andrew, 27, still lives at home and is keen to give his parents a new £4,500 garden they can enjoy when he has flown the coop, as the ultimate way to say thanks. Charlie and the Rich brothers couldn’t resist this first.

Ep10 - Gloucester.
Retired couple David and Joyce’s back garden outside Gloucester looks more like an allotment than a garden. David is a dedicated veg grower, so much of the area is given over to that. But it has become a problem for them both. For Joyce, there’s nowhere shady or pretty to sit and relax, while David, who has back and knee problems, struggles to keep working it. So Charlie and the Rich brothers must make the garden both prettier and more user friendly, all for £3,000.

Garden Rescue s05e10.mp4 1

Ep11 - Trowbridge.
Jacqui, 26 and Yung, 27, moved into their Trowbridge home a year ago. While they have managed to decorate the house, with their busy jobs they have never had time to fix up the tired garden. It’s dull and featureless, with lots of random brickwork. As they admit that they have no idea about gardening, they have called in Charlie and the Rich brothers and given them a budget of £3,500 to create a contemporary space with bright coloured flowers, a relaxation area and lots of room for their dog, Cooper.

Ep12 - Royal Wootton Bassett.
In Royal Wootton Bassett, Nicky, a hardworking single mum of four teenagers, needs Charlie and the Rich brothers to ride to the rescue of her garden. It has got tired turf, an ugly concrete path and no patio or decking to sit out on. But it does have one thing Nicky loves, her gnome collection! Nicky wants the garden to be somewhere fun, practical, social and easy to maintain, where the kids aren’t embarrassed to bring friends - and the gnomes can be proudly on display.

Ep13 - Luton.
Arit Anderson and the Rich brothers are in Luton to create a garden with a ‘holiday at home’ feel. Elizabeth and Benjamin Lovett and their children Thomas and Eleanor are a fun-loving family, but their garden is pretty drab. That is a shame, as during the summer the family say they practically live in it. The garden is particularly important to them because the family has numerous special needs that make going out very challenging. With a budget of £5,000, they have the money to make their dream garden come true. The question is which of the designers’ gardens will match that dream?

Ep14 - Christchurch.
In Christchurch, Dorset, Charlie and the Rich brothers turn a young family’s ugly concrete space into a beautiful, colourful garden that promotes recycling.

Ep15 - Coventry.
Anu and Ash live in Coventry with their cat Quinn. Their garden is currently a new-build blank canvas, divided into two cramped tiers, but the couple want to turn it into a pet-friendly delight, inspired by the gardens and countryside they fell in love with on holidays in Tuscany. They want lots of interesting things for Quinn and a large, inviting patio where they can entertain their friends and family. Arit Anderson and Charlie Dimmock have a £3,500 budget to make the couple’s dreams come true.

Ep16 - Bristol.
Jason and Emily fell in love with their 18th-century barn conversion in Bristol when house hunting last year, but the survey said they had to take out all the leylandii and conifers in the garden as they threatened the house’s foundations. Now the pair have an ugly, empty raised area that needs rescuing, along with a blank lawn. It’s far from the bohemian fairy garden Emily wants. With a £3,500 budget, can Charlie and the Rich brothers wave their magic wand and make Emily’s dream come true?

Ep17 - Manchester.
Nick and Dinah live in Greater Manchester. She is a music teacher, but their garden is not music to her ears. To make it worse, they have new French windows and a Juliet balcony looking over their ugly concrete courtyard garden. Where there should be flowers, there are strange marble features, left by the old owners. Charlie and the Rich brothers have £3,000 to breathe life into this wasted space, with cottage flowers, veg beds and room for family gatherings.

Ep18 - Coventry.
Louise is a single mum living in Coventry with kids William and Naomi. Their garden is a bit boring and bland, with an uninspired patio at one end and an ugly concrete garage at the other. Louise would like somewhere for her to be inspired to grow food, with space for the two children to play outside and indulge their hobbies - William is into chess and Naomi is a keen gymnast. Charlie Dimmock and Arit Anderson have a £3,000 budget to make everyone’s dreams come true.

Ep19 - Romsey.
Karen and Colin want a private, Italian-themed garden for their Romsey house. Karen is the head of spiritual care at the local hospital. It is an emotionally draining job, and she needs the garden to be a calm space where she can recharge after work. They have a £6,000 budget. but it’s going to be stretched, as their weed-filled garden lacks a patio, is overlooked by neighbours and is a challenging shape. But if anyone can fix those problems, it’s Charlie and the Rich brothers.

Garden Rescue s05e21.mp4 1

Ep 20 - Buckinghamshire.
Scott and Lisa got married last year and have called on the Garden Rescue team to sort out the back yard of their first shared house, in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. But while the house may be in Chesham, Lisa is from Munich, so they want to bring an Alpine-cum-Oktoberfest element to the garden, to help Lisa feel at home. The brief is exciting, but the budget isn’t – it’s just £3,000. But the Rich Brothers and Arit Anderson are up for the challenge of creating a German garden on a budget.

Ep21 - Slough.
In Slough, Amy and Kiran have a budget of £5,000 to rescue their tired garden. At the moment, it lacks privacy and has a dated patio and an unused sunken side return they call 'the pit'. The space is unsuitable for new baby Mia and the regular family gatherings they host. Luckily, the Rich brothers and Charlie can see its potential and have some ideas about how to create the modern, tranquil garden the couple want. But which designer will win the pitch and the chance to rebuild the garden?

Ep22 - Wrexham.
Joanna and Robert only picked up the keys to their house in a brand new Wrexham development just days before the Garden Rescue team turned up. They have called in Charlie and the Rich brothers to create a family garden from scratch - that is, from bare earth and builders' rubble! The family have a £6,500 budget to create a garden with a real wow factor, and they have their eyes on dramatic planting, big architectural features and a swanky hot tub area.

Ep23 - Rugby.
Esme and Richard live in Rugby. She is a vet, so they share their first marital home with seven pets! The garden is currently a new build blank canvas, with just turf and a small shed, but the couple want to turn it into a pet-friendly paradise that mixes an English cottage garden style with lots of interest for the animals and an outdoor cinema for Esme, Richard and their friends and family. Arit Anderson and Charlie Dimmock have a £3,000 budget to make the couple’s dream come true.

Ep24 - Reading.
Jo and Olu have a new baby, Maya, but the garden of their Reading home is a health and safety nightmare, with broken slates, rotten decking, an old pond and an overgrown meadow. They have been trying to get landscapers to redo their garden for months, but no-one has been prepared to tackle it. It’s a big job, but if anyone can do it, it's Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers.

Ep25 - Bitterne.
Katie and Christian and their kids Max and Olivia live in Bitterne, near Southampton. They are suffering from a classic case of ‘building work ruined the garden’. In fact, mum Katie calls it a 'catastrophe' of a garden. Can Charlie and the Rich brothers save the day, despite having a budget of only £2,500? The garden also has to work as a space for both day and night. Christian works shifts, so he would like to use it late into the evening.

Ep26 - Romsey.
Harry and Anna are just 25 and 23, so they want the garden of the house they share in Romsey to be less about raised beds and more about raised cocktail glasses! But currently their garden is far from a sophisticated party space where they can hang out with their friends; rather it’s a boring, blank canvas overlooked by their neighbours. To make their dreams of a stylish social garden come true, Harry and Anna have a budget of £4,000, and Charlie and the Rich brothers are ready to answer the call for help.

Ep27 - Langford.
Seventy-year-old Maureen has recently moved to a new house in Langford in Bedfordshire, but she’s far from in love with her garden. She has left behind a fantastic garden in Spain that she shared with her late husband Graham. Maureen wants the new garden to be a reminder of her life with Graham, with a sense of their old mountain views mixed with a Cordoba-style courtyard, inspired by their travels. Can Charlie and the Rich brothers transport this blank canvas to Spain for just £3,000?

Ep29 - Malvern.
Miriam, Christopher and daughter Abigail live in Malvern. It is a beautiful place, but their garden might just be the ugliest thing in the whole town! There's nothing but uneven, grey concrete, with hardly a plant in sight. They moved here after living in Indonesia for 15 years, and they would like to keep a little bit of that colourful country in their garden. Can Charlie and the Rich brothers swap a concrete jungle for a tropical one? With only £3,000 to spend, the team are going to be up against it.

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