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January 24, 2017

Gardeners’ World s35e26

BBC Two 1 November 2002

Alan and Joe thin the waterlilies and clean out the Barleywood pond. Rachel plants a container with spring flowering bulbs, and Chris and Joe bring the tender plants into the greenhouse for the winter. The tropical garden is cut back and protected. Several young native trees are planted and pruned.

Gardeners World s35e26.mp4

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2 comments to Gardeners’ World s35e26

  • Echinops95

    Thank you so much notimetolose!

    What a fantastic find, I thought I would never see many eps of Alan Titchmarsh’s tenure of GW. What great eps they where and interesting to see that production wise so slightly different from Berryfields and the current GW eps. What a pleasure and I await with bated breath if the 2003 season with Monty Don shows up.

  • notimetolose

    You’re very welcome! I do have some episodes of s36, and they will be uploaded later.

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