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May 24, 2024

Gardeners’ World s40 (2007) – Complete.

Complete re-pack of s40, including previously unposted episodes and incorrectly labelled episodes now fixed.

E01 16-02-07.
The first of three specials that kick off the new season of Gardeners World 2007. In this episode Joe Swift takes on a brand new project, working with residents near his north London home to create a community garden from scratch. With over a quarter of all city dwellers having no garden at all, personal 'green space' is at a premium.

Gardeners World s40e01 16 02 07.avi

e02 23-02-07
Winter Garden Beauty. In this half hour special, Carol Klein celebrates the garden in the Winter. Based at RHS Rosemoor gardens in Devon, Carol extols the beauty of the season in this showcase RHS garden, and also visits plant collections, and passionate growers and breeders across the country who specialise in the care and cultivation of the most sumptuous seasonal blooms.

e03 02-03-07
A Gardeners World about allotments. We're currently losing about 50 allotment sites a year in Britain, and that's despite the current resurgence in allotment interest. At the moment there are perhaps thirteen thousand people on a waiting list to receive a plot. Monty sets out to find out exactly who these people are.

e04 16-03-07
It's first program of a new series, and Gardeners' World is in its 40th year. Monty Don begins a new garden will celebrate some of famous faces and gardens.

e05 23-03-07
The Gardeners' World team would like viewers to begin greening up their houses and neighbourhoods by growing.

e06 30-03-07
It's time to get going with planting around Berryfields pond which was completely redone at end of last year.

e07 06-04-07
Its an Easter edition of Gardeners' World this week. Monty spends time in the long border, showing how to overcome the problems presented by a pan - a hard, impermeable layer of soil just below the surface. Carole plants 'spuds-in-a-bag', and tends to her new vegetable plot, and Joe talks about the 40 year garden.

e08 13-04-07
Monty clears out the border that belonged to Ratchel and starts a 'green' garden - not evergreens, but greens of many hues. After that he spends some time in his shade garden. Carol is in her garden of cuttings, seeds and divisions adding some new plants to bring extra colour. Meanwhile Joe is on a mission to get some marginal plants around the pond.

Gardeners World s40e08 13 04 07.avi

e09 27-04-07
Monty starts this hour long show by taking a quick look at the bulbs he planted last year, and then its off to explain the thinking behind the display that's been designed ready for the Gardeners World at 40 event in June. Carol is in the Alpine garden, trying to extend colour for as long as possible. Sarah Raven's garden in Sussex gets a visit, and Joe plants up an obelisk that's been especially made for the long border.

e10 11-05-07
This episode of Gardeners' World comes from the RHS Spring show at Malvern.

e11 18-05-07
Its that time of year when everything is glowing with health and vitality at Berryfields. In this hour long Gardeners' World the theme running throughout is colour. Carol is in the seed and cutting garden, and spends time with her 'veg-in-a-bed'. Joe is working in the dry garden, and Sarah Raven helps Monty in the green garden and spends a little time on her own in the long border.

e12 01-06-07
Now that June has arrived, the night temperatures can be expected to warm, so its time to plant out tender vegetables and Monty plants melons in the hotbed and aubergines, cucumbers and tomatoes in the veg plot. Carol is in the borders, getting to grips with plants suitable for dappled shade, while Joe is planting up summer pots suitable for every condition.

e13 08-06-07
This episode focuses on the small but essential jobs that need doing at this time of year, and one of June's first jobs has traditionally been clipping green evergreens and hedges - Monty get his shears out and shares some hints and tips. Joe visits Barnsdale - Geoff Hamilton's garden - to check up on the progress of plants being grown ready to show at Gardeners' World live.

e14 15-06-07
This hour long special covers one of the biggest shows in the gardening calendar - the 2007 Gardeners' World Live event, from the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

e15 22-06-07
Monty starts the show in the wild meadow garden, with a few hints for its up keep. Carol is planting roses in the cottage garden, Joe is planting exotic edibles in the jungle garden, and the team is joined by a visitor who plants out her winning design for the formal garden.

e16 27-07-07
An hour long edition of Gardeners' World hosted by Carol, focusing on the use of colour in the garden.

Gardeners World s40e16 27 07 07.avi

e17 10-08-07
Great Britain's one million acres of private gardens are under threat as an estimated 20,000 new homes are built every year in back gardens grabbed by developers. Garden Grabbing exploits a loophole in the current law which classes private gardens as brownfield not greenfield sites. Designer Joe Swift finds out just how important our urban back gardens are and asks if there are any pioneering alternatives, both here and abroad, to the traditional back garden.

e18 17-08-07
Can eating certain foods actually save your life? For some time a new class of Super Foods foods has been marketed as cure-alls because they are rich in anti-oxidants as well as vitamins and minerals. With four children of her own, Rachel de Thame is on a mission to demystify the truths and myths about Super Foods and to find out if there really is such a thing as a perfect diet.

e19 24-08-07
The sale of cut flowers in the UK is at an all time high, but cheaper land and labour costs and a warmer climate have led to overseas competitors dominating 85 per cent of the market. Presenter Sarah Raven visits the UK's most beautiful cutting gardens, where British growers are cutting their own niche in an ever expanding market, and tries to encourage the cut flower market and its consumers to celebrate our native seasonal flowers with a Great British Cut Flower Week.

e20 31-08-07
Gardener' World at 40. Monty Don, Alan Titchmarsh and a host of other celebrity gardeners look back on program has become a national gardening institution.

e21 07-09-07
Monty is back at Berryfields, coping with the disaster that the summer turned out to be. Low light levels, heavy rains and high winds have all taken a toll. He spends time between the long borders - trying to help some of the taller plants with supports - and the vegetable gardens. Carol is in her own vegetable garden, in particular she looks at the shady areas. while Joe is in the courtyard garden, tackling the big job of pruning the large climbing rose.

e22 14-09-07
Monty is spending time in the green garden, planting up some new plants and giving tips on those already there. Carol's back in the shady areas of the cottage garden, looking at ways she can develop those places that are a little more difficult to get productive, and Joe is in the courtyard, bringing in as many fragrant flowers as he can manage.

e23 21-09-07
Its time to get the bulbs planted, ready for their spring appearance - and its a job Monty is starting. Joe is in the dry garden, getting it ready for some bulbs that enjoy a different habitat. Carol concentrates on plant propagation via seeds, and she shows the best ways to collect them now that many plants have finished flowering. Monty also takes a good look at green manure.

e24 28-09-07
September is a time of planning, and getting things started for next years garden. Monty starts by tidying up the green borders, uprooting tobacco plants ready for the compost bin - and compost gets an in depth examination in this weeks episode. Carol continues her look at propagating plants, this time concentrating on division, and Joe is preparing for next summer by planting bulbs in the dry garden.

Gardeners World s40e24 28 09 07.avi

e25 05-10-07
Monty's back in the long border for part of this weeks show. He's moving plants around, trying to get more vividly flowering plants into the 'hot' end of the border. Joe is in the jungle garden, working on the bamboo - pruning, dividing and splitting, and Carol is still looking at propagation. This week its the art of taking cuttings.

e26 12-10-07
Monty starts this episode in the shade garden, where its looking a little neglected. There's dead plants to move, sick plants to tend to, and dry, cracked soil to condition. Carol concludes her series on propagation by examining root cuttings, and Joe is in the family garden, getting it ready to face winter.

e27 19-10-07
Monty spends most of this episode in the vegetable garden - harvesting, planting and preparing for next year. Carol is out in the meadows, planting herbaceous perennials in the long grass, while Joe is tackling autumn lawn care.

e28 26-10-07
Joe Swift introduces this weeks episode, and he starts in the borders. Carol plants up some small trees, and Joe moves on to planting vines in his family garden. Monty makes a pre-recorded appearance, setting up a soft fruit cage and preparing the ground.

e29 02-11-07
Carol starts in the dry garden, looking at ways to protect some of the more tender plants from the effects of winter. Monty is working on a new project in his woodland glade garden - rustic seating. Joe is in the jungle garden preparing his tropical plants from the upcoming cold. Sarah talks to Matthew Williams, curator at Harlowe Carr, about his passion for bulbs.

e30 09-11-07
Monty's back from his trip, and he starts clearing the long border, ready to get some tulips in the ground. Joe's also in the long border, but he's protecting the more vulnerable perennials, and Carol works on the natural hedge she planted a few years ago, doing a spot of 'hedge laying'.

e31 21-12-07
A Christmas episode of Gardeners world from Berryfields, with 12 good ideas to take you through the 12 days of Christmas. There's ideas from around the garden, winter walks with Joe and Carol, and Sarah Raven follows a journey of her own.

e32 31-12-07
Gardeners of the year 2007.

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