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April 28, 2015

Gardeners’ World s41e22 2008.

New presenter Toby Buckland tackles gardening jobs brought on by a wet summer, including dealing with clematis wilt and thinning out overgrown plants. Carol Klein looks at how to cope with a dry shady area under a stone wall, while Joe Swift adds new bulbs to a previously hidden area in the Spring Garden.


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3 comments to Gardeners’ World s41e22 2008.

  • Jones

    Sorry to be a pain, but this episode is also showing the same error message.

    “File Unavailable
    This file is no longer available due to an unexpected error. If you are the owner of this file, it will need to be re-uploaded.”

    Is this usual for filefactory?
    When you get a chance a reupload would be good 🙂
    Many thanks

    • J.D.

      Not being a pain at all – If theres a file you want and its unavailable, please let us know.

      Unfortunately that error is something we see more often than we’d like, theres not much we can do about it except replace the dead links.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Jones

    Thanks again 🙂 I’m catching up on all the episodes I haven’t got.
    I suppose two “file unavailable” errors out of the 50+ episodes I’ve downloaded so far isn’t too bad.
    What a wonderful collection you have here. 🙂

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