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June 6, 2015

Gardeners’ World s48e12.

Over 400 gardens in England and Wales are getting ready to open to the public for the National Gardens Scheme. Carol Klein visits one of them as they prepare for the big event. It's an eventful day at Longmeadow too, as a local beekeeper arrives with a swarm for Monty's new hive.


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1 comment to Gardeners’ World s48e12.

  • Zapitron

    I understand this is a regional show. It’s a good thing and what they say isn’t wrong for its context.

    But it is loved by a rather geographically diverse audience, and the two different scopes clashed hilariously in this episode’s “dry garden.” We had a good laugh.

    Don’t forget to bring your brolly to the dry garden, and watch your step lest you slip on some moss. If you get sprayed by too much mist from the waterfall stream, I’m sure you can towel off after you get back inside. And an important survival tip: if you’re ever dying of thirst in the dry garden at mid-day, just lick some droplets off the leaves, and that ought to get you a few pints’ worth of sustenance.

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