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July 11, 2021

Gardeners’ World s54e17.

Monty Don catches up with all his summer jobs in the border and the vegetable garden. Carol Klein gets inspiration for planting combinations at Cothay Manor and Gardens, and Arit Anderson learns about slugs and snails.

Gardeners World s54e17.mp4

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4 comments to Gardeners’ World s54e17.

  • MarkWhyte

    Hello, when clicking on the download, I’m being asked to buy ‘file factory’ subscription – why? Isn’t this supposed to be a straight download? Please advise… thanks

  • J.D.

    Try again Mark – seems ok now 🙂

  • MarkWhyte

    Now seems sorted. Thanks

    • J.D.

      All the files are hosted on FileFactory – it’s completely separate and unrelated to this site in any way.

      Something to be aware of is they allow 100gb of free downloads per month. If that allowance is used up, you will start seeing FileFactory adverts.

      Because this site has only ever had a tiny amount of paying members (believe it or not, typically 6-8) I think we’ve only ever hit that cap once in the 11 years it’s been running!

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