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April 29, 2010

gardeners world top tips s01

A ten part step-by-step guide to gardening, with handy tips on everything from growing a few bulbs in a pot, up to meeting a couple who's passion for chillis led them to establishing their own farm!

GWTop Tips S01E01.avi

Episode 1
Monty Don celebrates the flower power of spring. He gives straightforward advice on how to get the best from your spring blooms; from planting shrubs and explaining what a herbaceous perennial is, to demonstrating how a bulb works. Along with contributions from Carol Klein gardening at Berryfields, top tips from Sarah Raven on what tulips to grow and an inspirational visit to a colourful spring garden.

Episode 2
Monty Don is back with a beginner's guide to growing food. He demonstrates the best way to prepare the soil for a bumper crop, gives his top tips for sowing seeds and makes a simple raised bed. Monty gives us his essential guide to what vegetables to grow and recalls a memorable harvest at Berryfields. We also visit a novice vegetable grower and Monty helps her start her own vegetable patch.

Episode 3
A shady spot in a garden can be a difficult place to have success so Joe Swift gives his top tips for designing for shade. There are also tips for designing in small areas and we visit many inspirational small gardens and their enthusiastic owners, all with their own nuggets of advice.

Episode 4
Whether you have an acre or a postage stamp for a garden, there is always room for a pot. Rachel de Thame has plenty of ideas for how to plant up containers for sunny spaces. Along with her essential plants for pots, there is an inspirational visit to a herb garden, a potter gives his trade secrets on what makes a good container, and Sarah Raven demonstrates how to make the most of hanging baskets.

Episode 5
It is the weekend and if you need a bit of easy gardening to tempt you outside, then Carol Klein has plenty of quick projects to get you growing your own vegetables in containers. Monty Don demonstrates how to make an easy cold frame and gives his top tips for keeping slugs off the crops. Finally, there is a visit to a couple whose passion for chillies led them to set up their own farm.

Episode 6
Summer is all about flowers but if you have never planted a rose or don't know what a hardy annual is then Rachel de Thame is here to give you her top tips for getting the best from your summer blooms. Carol Klein visits one of the nation's best rose gardens and an enthusiastic couple show off their flower garden in Yorkshire, plus, there's practical advice from Berryfields as Monty Don lights up the border with some bright colour for late summer.

Episode 7
Following on from Monty Don's beginners guide to food, Carol Klein demonstrates how to grow basic vegetables with step-by-step advice on how to plant potatoes, onions and tomatoes. Monty Don returns to his novice vegetable gardener to see how successful her first season has been.

Episode 8
Joe Swift gives us his top tips for designing for a sunny spot. He casts his designer's eye over a corner of Berryfields and shows us how to put a sunny border together that will look good all season long. We visit three stunning but very different gardens ranging from the work of a top designer to a gardener who is crazy about climbers. Plus, Carol Klein tackles the long borders at Berryfields and gives advice on how to plant up for season long colour.

Episode 9
Shady patios or basements come under Rachel de Thame's spotlight as she shows us what plants will thrive in pots in this most challenging of situations. From glossy foliage to bright flowers it is a question of 'right plant, right place'. There's inspiration from a Bristol couple whose entire garden is planted with containers and how a shed in a shady corner can be transformed with plants.

Episode 10
Joe Swift has plenty of inspiration for easy weekend projects. It's all about attracting wildlife to the garden as Joe shows us what plants attract insects and how to make a simple pond in a pot - perfect projects to get the children involved. Monty makes a simple bench, we find out why bees are so important and a garden designer gives us plenty of inspiration for making spaces in the garden for children.

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