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December 19, 2010

gardening australia s21e42 2010.

Air date 11th Dec 2010.

Stephen Ryan visits a couple in a new Melbourne suburb who have created a garden full of natives, lush tropical foliage and personality in only a few years. Colin Campbell visits Byron Bay to profile Spinifex, an important pioneer plant for coastal regions and discuss how to use it in a garden, and Leonie Norrington shows how to build a shade house to protect young plants during the deluge of the Wet season in the Tropics.

Gardening Australia 2010 E42 11 December 2010.avi

Angus Stewart explains why it's difficult to garden with Sydney sandstone soil and shows how to make it work effectively, Jane Edmanson shows when you need to stake a tree, how to do it and when to remove it and Josh Byrne visits a friend who has cultivated every inch of her small Fremantle garden, including the verge.

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