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March 20, 2013

gardening australia s20e35 2009.

26th September 2009.

Tino Carnevale is busy preparing for spring in The Veggie Patch, and planting crops including asparagus from crowns and seed, and two varieties of beetroot. Stephen shows the secret ingredient to add to potted conifers to ensure successful propagation and Leonie meets a champion grower of tropical orchids in Darwin. Her collection, which was started after the devastation of Cyclone Tracy, grew quickly into an obsession and now fills every available space in her back yard. Also, Josh Byrne shows a multi bed vegetable and poultry system and explains how it works and how it can be adapted to any back yard and Angus Stewart visits 'Everglades' in the Blue Mountains, a stunning garden of 5 hectares, which successfully juxtaposes a formal garden full of European plants with the beauty of the nearby National Park.


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Gardening Australia 2009 s20e35 26/09/09
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