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March 28, 2011

gardening australia s22e07 2011.

Sat 26 March 2011.

Leonie makes a rich potting mix for her tomato crop, creates a fertiliser from weeds and harvests a range of tropical fruit and veg. Jerry Coleby-Williams shows how easy it is to test the pH Levels of soil, and The Veggie Guide looks at what could be grown in veggie patches around the country now that the seasons are changing.

Gardening Australia s22e07 26 03 11.avi

Colin Campbell plants some fast growing veggies to help gardeners in flood affected areas get some fresh food on the table quickly, and Angus Stewart visits the winner of Gardening Australia's 'Gardener of the Year' for 2010, has a look around their garden and presents them with their award.

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