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April 17, 2011

gardening australia s22e10 2011.

Sat 16th April 2011.

Tino Carnevale checks the progress of his gardening experiments including the giant pumpkin, the kiwi fruit and propagates a new plant from his banana plant. Colin Campbell meets a gardener who has filled his suburban plot with rare and exotic plants and unique home-made sculptures, and John Patrick looks at a range of Eucalypts suited to small gardens and explains how to use them.

Gardening Australia s22e10 16 04 11.avi

Stephen Ryan profiles the Rose Glory Bower and Harlequin Glory Bower, two Clerodendrums with unusual characteristics, Jerry Coleby-Williams profiles some great varieties of bamboo for the home garden and shows how to maintain and use them and Sophie Thomson shows some simple ways to introduce kids to gardening.

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