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March 31, 2012

gardening australia s23e01 2012.

31st March 2012.

New host Costa introduces an inspirational community project which will be the cornerstone of Gardening Australia for the year. He will transform his nature strip into a productive and playful garden for the whole street to use and enjoy. He kicks it all off by bringing the community together to build a no-dig vegie garden. Jane visits a gardener in a bay-side suburb of Melbourne who has spent over fifty years creating her lush and colourful oasis in almost pure sand.

Gardening Australia s23e01.avi

Costa travels to Hobart's Royal Botanical Gardens to catch up with Tino and find out what is happening in the veggie patch, get some advice about what to plant on the verge and do a bit of harvesting, and finally, Costa and Tino take the harvest from the veggie patch and take a drive to Tino's Mum and Dad where they cook up an Italian feast.

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