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June 3, 2012

gardening australia s23e10 2012.

2nd June 2012 - Gardening Australia Special - Farming

Josh visits Ron Watkins, a third generation farmer in the Great Southern Region of WA, who over the last 30 years has transformed his approach to farming by dealing with the issues of salinity, water management and organics. As a result, he is a changed farmer. Sophie visits a small scale mixed farm on the outskirts of Adelaide that has been cleverly designed to make productive use of the local climate, site and resources. Based on permaculture principles, many of the features can be used in the home garden, and Josh visits the local farmers market, which Ron helped establish. Josh finds out why he did it, the tole it plays in the community and how his connections with people fuel his passion for organics and the land.

Gardening Australia s23e10.avi

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