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June 11, 2017

Gardening Australia s28e14.

Jane is at the National Rhododendron Garden in Victoria to check out their stunning Protea collection, Jerry tells us whether it's possible to put kitchen scraps under mulch and Josh gives some tips on watering the garden in winter while Tino shows us some tree species that have gorgeous bark, providing beauty all year round. Millie gets stuck into some winter gardening jobs - as well as planting asparagus she shows us the easiest soil prep method ever, and Costa is in Bondi visiting an eclectic garden verge that has been established with nothing more than cuttings and the hard work of a hairdresser and his two sons. CSIRO Entomologist and fly enthusiast Dr. Bryan Lessard (a.k.a. Bry the Fly Guy) explains why flies are so incredibly important not only in the garden but for our global ecosystem.

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