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January 25, 2021

Gardens by Design s01.

Series Repack (Originally Posted Dec 2016).
BBC Two 4 January 1991

In this series award-winning garden designer David Stevens takes viewers through the essential steps needed to realize the full potential of your garden. This series focuses on elements that are key to all great designs, with tours of successful gardens and interviews with garden designers.

Ep01 - In the first episode, David Stevens looks at a variety of domestic gardens; how to raise finance for the work; and how the 'outside room' can be as big an asset as its indoor counterpart.

Gardens by Design e01.mp4

Ep02 - David Stevens looks at how you can add movement to a plot and how to overcome the problems of a sloping site. Julie Toll draws up her plan to transform the Jones's garden.

Ep03 - There are two basic rules for a well designed garden: it should look good all year, and a gardener should never be a slave to it. David Stevens looks at putting mystery and surprise into a large plot, top designer John Brookes explains his approach to problems, and Julie Toll keeps up with the Joneses.

Ep04 - David Stevens looks at a new wildlife garden created as a haven for office staff. There are lessons to be learned from the Chelsea Flower Show, as well as a glance at how the Jones's garden is taking shape.

Ep05 - We often lavish a great deal of time, effort and money on our back gardens, only to ignore the plot at the front of the house. David Stevens looks at ways to plan and improve this area. There is a glimpse into the future and the fascinating possibility of your own laser light show in the garden. Also a final visit to see how Julie Toll's transformation of the Jones's plot has turned out.

Ep06 - In the last in the series, David Stevens compares Stowe's landscaped garden with domestic plots. Also, there is a look at the work of two very alternative designers who set about building a garden of the future that uses unusual materials, which are not normally associated with the outside room.

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