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May 16, 2012

geoff lawton’s urban permaculture.

Geoff Lawton presents simple solutions to complex problems -- low tech solutions you can do yourself like how to harvest rainwater and feed it to a series of cascading water features that collect your grey water and help feed productive fruit trees and animals.

This film shows how nutrient flows can be directed creatively to feed a small backyard food hedge. Those interconnections are not very apparent to many people and Geoff spells out those micro-connections that many people just do not understand.

Urban Permaculture Geoff Lawton.avi

As Geoff likes to say, many people are totally out of depth when it comes to understanding the intricate relationship of nature and ecology just outside their bedroom window. It's into this outdoor space that people need to reconnect and switch on, in order to live sustainably with minimal impact on the world around them. That's what the Urban Permaculture film is all about.

(Film + 10 minute garden design example)

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