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April 9, 2010

grow your own veg.

Series in which horticulturist Carol Klein proves how easy it is to grow your own food. Over six episodes, Carol Klein takes novice veg growers through a gardening year to learn how to get the best out of their space from the RHS experts at Rosemoor and Harlow Carr. Carol rediscovers the joys of growing organic veg for the first time in 20 years. She also helps a first-time gardener and her family see just how easy it is to grow their own, and shows that whatever size your patch - from a balcony to a suburban back garden - anyone can grow veg. Salads, roots, brassicas and legumes are all explored with a sumptuous harvest in every programme.


Carol meets the Banfield family who are keen to try their hand at growing their own crops, and takes a trip to RHS Harlow Carr to see just how much veg you can fit into a tiny plot. Back in her own garden, Carol breaks up her soil in her new vegetable patch by planting potatoes and jerusalem artichokes. Vegetable varieties featured in this show include: Potato 'Red Duke of York' Potato 'Valor' Potato 'Annabelle'

2-Carrots, Parsnips & Beetroot
Carol plants carrots, parsnips and beetroot, and visits a veg enthusiast whose fifth-floor apartment balcony is laden with a promising harvest. She also takes the Banfield family to their first seed-swap. Vegetable varieties featured in this show include: Beetroot 'Boltardy' Carrot 'Nandor' Pea 'Waverex

3-Peas & Beans
Peas and beans are added to Carol's burgeoning vegetable patch, whilst the Banfield family get to grips with the gardener's enemy: slugs! Vegetable varieties featured in this show include: Pea 'Piccolo Provenzale'. Pea 'Hurst Greenshaft'. Pea 'Ambassador'. Pea 'Show Perfection'. Pea 'Purple Podded'. Onion 'Mammoth'. Tomato 'Tumbler'. Climbing french bean 'Rob Splash'. Squash 'Sweet Dumpling'.

While researching the best varieties of cabbage for her vegetable patch, Carol goes in search of wild brassicas on the Dorset coast, and meets allotment expert Harry Wardle. Vegetable varieties featured in this show include: Cabbage 'Kilaxy'. Cabbage 'Greyhound'. French bean 'Cupidon'. Pea 'Waverex'. Broad bean 'Crimson Flowered'. Carrot 'Sytan'. Pea 'Aviola'. Kohl rabi 'Blue Delicacy'.

Nothing tastes finer than salad straight from the garden, so Carol adds some choice varieties to her ever-increasing vegetable patch. She also catches up with the Banfield family to see how they're progressing. Vegetable varieties featured in this show include: Leek 'Porvite'. Tomato 'Gardener's Delight'. Tomato 'Golden Sunrise'. Tomato 'Beefheart'. Tomato 'Black Prince'. Cucumber 'Crystal.

6-Pumpkins, Squashes & Sweetcorn
Pumpkins, squashes and sweetcorn are ideal veggies to see you through from summer to autumn. Carol accompanies two first-time veg growers to the RHS Autumn show to see how their newly-grown pumpkins fare in the competition. She also looks at how to store all the fruits of her labour over winter. Vegetable varieties featured in this show include: Courgette 'Zucchini'. Courgette 'Gold Rush'. Sweetcorn 'Sundance'. Pumpkin 'Hundredweight'. French bean 'Blue Lake'.

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