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October 11, 2012

halcyon river diaries.

Filmed and produced by award-winning wildlife cameraman Charlie Hamilton James, this is an intimate look at the wildlife of a typical English river, as seen through the eyes of a family who live beside it and love it. Charlie is a wildlife cameraman; he spends most of his life travelling the world filming exotic species in incredible locations. But this year Charlie, his wife Philippa, and their sons are on a mission closer to home; they want to get to know the wild neighbours who live along the river next to their house, by making an intimate film diary of their lives. The results are full of surprises and often hilarious.

Halcyon River Diaries s0e01

Ep1: Early Spring.
Charlie and his family discover the secret life of the nocturnal otter on British rivers.

Ep2: Spring.
Charlie creates an underwater bird table, and Philippa plans to protect the water voles.

Ep3: Summer.
As summer arrives, Charlie and Fred take possession of an injured baby kingfisher.

Ep4: Late Summer.
The family test their conduct experiments to learn more about the animals on the river.

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