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April 13, 2010

hamiltons cottage gardens.

Geoff Hamilton looks to the old cottage gardens of the past and adapts the more popular features to modern gardens. He builds three cottage gardens from scratch at his home in Barnsdale.

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In 'Cottage Gardens' Geoff Hamilton explores the fundamentals of why gardening is so important: it is healthy for the body and stimulating to the soul. He visits gardeners of all ages and experience up and down the country, unashamedly drawing inspiration from the past and present in his creations. The photography is tremendous and the amount of advice that Geoff gives exceeds practically every other gardening video available. Of interest to the novice and the professional, the moving sight of the late Geoff Hamilton will really make you believe that you, too, can create a peaceful country haven. Includes construction of natural and artificial archways, vegetable growing, seating areas and flower gardens.

Episode 1 - A Rural Legacy
Episode 2 - Groundwork
Episode 3 - Growing Up
Episode 4 - Make Up, Make Do and Mend
Episode 5 - Nora Barlow, Mrs Sinkins and The Lady of Bath
Episode 6 - Cottage Economy

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