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August 24, 2010

how to grow house plants.

A Guide to Choosing, Care, Preparation and Propagation. Most house-plants survive despite the poor treatment we give them. However, with this comprehensive video you can learn how house-plant care can be simple and rewarding and how a bit more effort yields fantastic results.

How To Grow Houseplants.avi

Peter Seabrook and Anne Swithinbank explain how everyone from beginner to old-hand can learn the easy way to a bigger and more beautiful collection. They show in detail how to select the right plants for your expertise, how to water and feed them and generally provide the ideal conditions for them to thrive. Susie Edwards gives guidance on design and presentation and finally they show how you can grow a host of new cuttings from your existing plants.

Chapter 1 - The Natural Climates of Different House-plants
Chapter 2 - How To Select Quality Plants
Chapter 3 - Starting From Scratch>
Chapter 4 - House-plant Care
Chapter 5 - Design and Presentation
Chapter 6 - Growing new Plants from Old

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