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July 26, 2010

how to garden organically.

Putting healthy, organic food on your table is now proven to be the best option and now a new DVD shows you how to achieve this and save money. Be it in the garden, kitchen or herbaceous border, organic methods can be easily introduced to create robust, healthy plants, either for ornamental or edible purposes.

how to garden organically.avi

In “How To Garden Organically”, horticulturist and keen organic grower, Tom Petherick takes you on a guided tour that introduces organic methods through tasks such as soil management and fertility, propagation, companion planting and conservation.

“The aim of this DVD is to provide advice on how we can do our bit for the environment and at the same time produce stronger, healthier plants for your enjoyment.”

“It explains and brings an insight to what organic really means and shows how gardeners can get the best from their planting without having to rely on expensive, polluting products that harm the environment.”

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