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December 10, 2015

It’s Not Easy Being Green s02.

BBC Two 22 March 2007

In series one, Dick Strawbridge and his family turned a neglected farm in Cornwall into a viable eco-home. The second series follows Dick as he and his son James venture out from New House Farm in Cornwall to meet these aspiring individuals and families in cities and countryside around Britain.

Today, Dick meets the Keenan family from the Wirral, who have started the construction of a large eco-house. It will be heated by a ground-source heat pump, all electricity will to be provided by a wind-turbine, and all their water will come from a massive rainwater harvesting system. At the other end of the green scale, Dick, helped by James and assistant Jim, comes to the aid of a family who need to grow as much fresh fruit and veg as possible for their son who has multiple allergies.


  • Ep2.
    In programme two, Dick helped Duncan and Steve in Bath to give their scruffy city garden the green treatment. Using only free, recycled materials, they start building a greenhouse. Then in Cornwall, Dick helped the Moriaty family to build an eco-campsite.
  • Ep3.
    Dick Strawbridge and son James help a couple to build a rainwater harvesting system for their farm in rural Scotland, before checking on the progress of some green gardeners in Bath. Dick also learns the mysterious art of water-divining while revisiting the eco-campsite project in Cornwall.
  • Ep4.
    James meets Maggie, who is determined to decorate her 1930s house using eco-paints, whilst restoring and reusing the original features. In Northampton, Dick helps Julie and her Dad install a solar panel on the roof. Returning to the Keenans on the Wirral, the guest wing of their big eco-build is nearing completion. They get stuck in and learn how to use environmentally friendly lime plaster.
  • Ep5.
    Dick Strawbridge helps a London man come up with a budget replacement for costly solar panels by utilising an old immersion heater, and helps two sisters in Cornwall acquire eco-friendly livestock.
  • Ep6.
    Dick Strawbridge visits sisters in Cornwall to install a wind turbine to generate their electricity. With his son James, Dick also helps a Somerset family begin livestock farming after the arrival of their first pigs.
  • Ep7.
    The Strawbridge family lend an eco-friendly hand to Matt Goldschmeid , who has a radical idea to combat his New Forest home's astronomical heating bills.
  • Ep8.
    A school in St Albans calls for Dick Strawbridge's expert advice to help cut its water bills and the team visit a family who have just taken delivery of a wind turbine.

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