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October 30, 2010

gardeners world s43e33 – james wong and the malaysian garden.

27th Nov 2010

Ethnobotanist and garden designer, James Wong travels to Malaysia in search of inspiration for a Malaysian themed garden for the world famous Chelsea Flower Show.

GWSpecial James Wong and the Malaysian Garden1

In 2009, James and his design partner David Cubero won a silver medal. In 2010, they are going all out for gold.

The theme for their Chelsea garden is the Malaysian concept of 'kampung' a word which means 'village or community' but also 'traditional and natural'. James, whose Father is Malaysian, travels across the country meeting people who live a traditional kampung life in the midst of city skyscrapers and spending time with an indigenous community who show him how they use plants for medicine and ceremony.

James also travels to Bako National Park in Sarawak to look for an elusive and protected pitcher plant that he thinks could be the star of his Chelsea garden. In the Cameron Highlands, he tries to understand a strange Malaysian obsession with the English country garden.

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