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March 10, 2012

jimmy’s farm s01.

Series repack.

Jimmy Doherty, 27, has always dreamed of running his own farm. He completed his PhD on insects but is bored with academic life.

This is the story of how an Essex lad makes a bid to restore the British countryside and bring traditional food back to the public. People living in the city can buy into his dream as he renovates a crumbling farm to specialise in rearing a rare country breed.

Jimmys Farm s01e011.avi

Working with the Rare Breed Survival Trust he wants to bring back from near-extinction the rare Essex Pig that was legendary in the 1930s. There are only about 100 left in the country though and the head of the Belfast Zoo is going to help select the Essex Pigs needed for Jimmy's venture. There's nobody else is the country selling Essex Pig meat so as well as creating the supply, Jimmy has to encourage a demand and find an outlet for his traditional foods. He wants to sell high quality goods to some of the top stores, restaurants and farmers markets.

Jimmy’s first pigs have finally arrived. The plan is to be selling sausages by September, but the ‘butchery’ is still a crumbling shed and he has no idea how sausages are actually made. Time’s not on Jimmy’s side and investor Peter is losing his patience…

Five months ago, Jimmy Doherty rented a derelict farm in Suffolk. Now, 60 pigs run wild across his fields and he’s got his first sausages to market. But can he make the farm pay? He thinks a 12 – inch “Love Sausage” will do the trick.

The learning curve has been steep but Jimmy’s still not breaking even. His only chance of survival is his farm shop – five miles outside of Ipswich, down a muddy track. Can his grand opening turn around the farm’s fortunes?

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