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March 15, 2012

jimmy’s farm s02.

Second series following farming novice Jimmy Doherty on his quest to get a living from the land.

The business's expansion brings more problems, as members of staff show signs of discontent and the overheads keep rising. However, the looming Easter weekend offers the chance to make money in the shop, and the owners have been able to move into a comfortable cottage.

jimmys farm s2e1.avi

Several key employees quit their jobs, while the pigs knock down the fences and go on the rampage. Undaunted, Jimmy sets off to buy a new boar and 100 hens. However, an unexpected delivery disrupts his plans for a farmers' market, and Michaela is left struggling to cope with the pressure.

The business seems to be flourishing in the summer, but a number of problems loom on the horizon - prize boar Porridge is proving to be a handful, the hive of 800,000 bees require a great deal of Jimmy's attention, and something nasty is killing the chickens. It's not a good time to receive a visit from the council planners, who come bearing bad news.

Christmas represents Jimmy's final chance to make a success of the farm, so he works his staff harder than ever and decides to get rid of any animals which aren't bringing in money. However, as he travels from one market to another, there are problems back home - the prize boar appears to be at death's door. To make matters worse, one of the employees is inadvertently poisoned.

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