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September 18, 2012

jimmy’s forest.

High up in a spectacular tree house, Jimmy Doherty develops an intimate understanding of the inner workings of a British forest.

Ep1: Spring.
Spring is in the air and Jimmy delights in exploring his wood and showing us how the forest is coming to life. He finds out how to get a drink straight from a tree, gets to grips with a woodpecker, squabbles with squirrels and makes himself roadkill badger ham. He even creates his own 'hands-on' experiments to help him reveal what blue tits and butter icing have in common...

Jimmys Forest 1o4 Spring.avi

Ep2: Summer.
It's summer and Jimmy's determined to see the badgers in the large sett near his tree house: an ambition which proves to be quite a challenge. He constructs super-sized fly paper, joins a ferreter at work, entertains druids, and has a rather unappetising 'boil-in-the-bag' venison lunch with a Neolithic man.

Ep3: Autumn.
It's autumn. The forest is bursting with fruit and nuts and is looking spectacular. Two of Jimmy's friends come to visit the tree house and are sent off to forage for their supper. He meets a man who claims he can speak to owls, sees a long-eared bat, makes ink from oak galls and discovers the amazing natural properties of deer antlers.

Ep4: Winter.
It's winter in the forest and after a heavy snowfall the wood is looking magical. With fresh snow on the ground Jimmy can trace the footprints of the animals and birds in the wood. He discovers how insects survive the winter, exposes tree roots to see how far they spread, watches 80,000 rooks fly in to their roost, makes a Yukon fire pit bed and discovers there is an unwelcome predator in the forest..

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