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May 15, 2021

Kew Gardens – A Year In Bloom s01e01.

Kew Gardens: A Year In Bloom: Nestled in London's suburbs is the Kew Gardens, 320 acres of the most diverse, exciting and important plant life in the world. Cameras follow 12 months in the lives of its staff, beginning in winter. In the Palm House, Solene and her team are making sure the banana plants don't smash through the ceiling.

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3 comments to Kew Gardens – A Year In Bloom s01e01.

  • Livefoods

    Hi JD, I seem to be unable to download any files. I log in okay and then go to the file factory link, click on it, a new window opens briefly as in the past but no download commences. Trying to download the Kew Gardens program and Gardening with Carol Klein s02e03, neither of them work.

    • J.D.

      Hi Rob,

      I’m not sure what to suggest. The link appears to be working for me, and I can see that it’s had a couple of downloads already, so it’s working for other people.

      Try copying the download link and putting it into a different browser. If that works you’ll know it’s a problem with your browser.

  • Livefoods

    Thanks JD, that worked fine, wouldn’t download in Chrome but worked fine in Firefox once I copied the link. Very strange. Thanks for your help
    Regards Rob

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