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November 10, 2023

Kew Gardens – A Year In Bloom s02.

Ep01 - Cameras follow 12 months in the lives of Kew Gardens' staff. It is early spring and daffodils, crocuses and magnolia are bringing visitors in search of the first colour. Also making a fresh start is Simon, the new head of living collections, and he's got the massive job of evaluating nearly 17,000 plant species in the gardens to decide what stays and what goes.

Kew Garden Year In Bloom S02E01.mp4

(Series re-pack)

Ep02 - Spring is in full flow in Kew Gardens, and it's a time for new beginnings, particularly for the lucky few on the prestigious diploma course. Out in the gardens, a pair of trees suffering are from fatal storm damage and an aggressive fungus, and staff are also on a mission to hunt down the Spanish bluebell, which threatens the native species.

Ep03 - Carlos and Lucy think they have discovered a new third species of giant waterlily previously unknown to science, and they set about trying to prove their discovery to the world, with the help of their partners in Bolivia. Aaron is looking at ways to replace coffee plants threatened with extinction by climate change, pests and disease, while down at Kew's wild botanic garden Wakehurst, Katie and the tree gang have to deal with some invasive rhododendrons that are threatening the plant collection.

Ep04 - Joe undertakes a massive year-long renovation of the peony garden, while scientist Monique reveals the amazing healing properties of this underestimated shrub. There are also major changes for Hélèna in the kitchen garden, as all her precious vegetables are pulled up for a massive overhaul. Before she can get back and start replanting, Hélèna gets the unusual job of adding plants to some giant-sized, mythical wooden trolls that have come to the gardens for an exhibition.

Kew Garden Year In Bloom S02E04.mp4

Ep05 - Dave tackles the massive dead-heading job that the roses bring to the gardens, while head of tree collections Kevin is contemplating another epic pruning job. It's all change in front of the Palm House, where, under a sweltering summer sun, the decorative team race to arrange thousands of new plants on the parterre, while Alberto is waiting on the flowering of the titan arum, which is always accompanied by the smell of rotten meat and an influx of curious visitors.

Ep06 - Winter leads to a carpet of snowdrops bringing in the visitors, and in the Rock Garden, Faye talks about the world of galanthophiles, the official name for snowdrop obsessives. In the warmth of Kew's glasshouses, Alberto prepares for his first orchid festival in charge, but luckily, he has help in veteran volunteer Henck. He and Alberto have set themselves the tricky task of creating a giant orchid sun in the middle of a pond.

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