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August 31, 2011

love your garden s01

This is a repack of previously posted individual episodes.

Alan Titchmarsh presents a brand new series, which shows viewers how to get the most from their gardens no matter what the size.

In the first programme, he demonstrates how to create a perfect traditional British garden including a dream summerhouse, fabulous flower beds and a way of producing your own honey.

Love Your Garden1

Episode 2
Alan visits Whitehouse Cottage in rural Berkshire to show how to achieve that country look – from mosaic pathways and climbing clematis to rustic flower beds and ironwork benches. Plus Valentine Warner creates some heavenly flavours from a vegetable patch and Charlotte Uhlenbroek reveals what to do when hedgehogs come calling.

Episode 3
Alan demonstrates how to turn a domestic garden into an elegant sophisticated formal garden. He goes to Swansea seeking inspiration and discovers a garden with crazy-looking prune cloud hedges along with elegant pathways. Laetitia Maklouf reveals how to transform the front of a house with some impressive formal window boxes, while Matt James extols the virtue of the water feature. Plus there are tips on topiary and ironwork obelisks, and a guide to what is on the market today to jazz up gardens.

Episode 4
For city dwellers space is at a premium, so Alan demonstrates how to make the most of what is available to create a chic urban garden in even a tiny area, plus Valentine Warner shows how to grow produce in just eight feet of space and Matt James recommends the best outdoor seats.

Episode 5
In this episode, Alan adds some magic to an outdoor space by showing how to get the look of a fantasy garden. He demonstrates how to build enchanting winding pathways, how to place sculpture and how to dress elegant archways, and Charlote Uhlenbroek reveals how to fill the garden with birdsong and Matt James visits a reclamation yard in search of something special for his garden.

Episode 6
In this edition, he reveals how to identify annuals and perennials, and the best way to plant flowers to achieve a blaze of colour and scent. He also demonstrates how a sail can be used to create an amazing seating area.

Episode 7
This week Alan shows how to create a garden that is perfect for a party. He reveals how to build an elegant bridge for the guests, how to plant around seating areas and how to use dramatic garden lighting. Plus Matt James and Valentine Warner join forces to create an alternative to the traditional barbecue – building a firepit and cooking a stuffed leg of lamb.

Episode 8
This week Alan demonstrates how to create an exotic garden befitting a Moroccan castle using cool patios made from intricate tiles, tall lush plants and canopies of trees. Laetitia Maklouf reveals how to transform a conservatory and Valentine Warner prepares some delicious desserts using exotic fruits.

Episode 9
In this episode, Alan visits a garden by the sea in East Wittering that works in harmony with the coastal elements.

Episode 10
In this episode, Alan demonstrates how to build a rose garden, and visits one in Wendover, Buckinghamshire. Plus Laetitia Maklouf reveals ways to extend the life of a rose into winter by making rosewater, Valentine Warner shows how roses can even be the key ingredient in a spicy sauce, and Alan suggests stunning ways to display the flower – from rustic pergolas to pavilions from paradise

Episode 11
Alan is in Harlow in Essex, where he shows how the smallest of gardens can be turned into a private sanctuary. He also transforms a tiny hot tub area into an intimate tropical garden. Matt James demonstrates how to make the very best out of a humble basement and, as autumn arrives, Laetitia Maklouf uses dried petals to keep the summer alive, and there is a look at the ultimate garden status symbols, from deluxe hanging baskets to five-star hot tubs.

Episode 12
Alan investigates the classic charm of the cottage garden as he discovers the epitome of the cottage style in Staffordshire, Valentine Warner looks at some edible weeds and Charlotte Uhlenbroek reveals some hibernating havens for wildlife. Also there are suggestions for what to buy this weekend to recreate the cottage garden look.

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