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July 9, 2024

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens.

Monty Don embarks on a journey across Spain, covering more than 4,000 kilometres to visit some of its most interesting gardens, community projects and parks in order to get under the skin of the country.

Monty Dons Spanish Gardens s01e01 2024.mp4

In this first episode, Monty travels across central Spain. He begins at the vast, imposing palace and garden of the Escorial before heading for Madrid, Toledo, other parts of Castile and finally Valencia, visiting such gardens as a tropical garden in a railway station, the garden of a former Andalusian palace and a park formed out of a disused riverbed.

Monty journeys across the south of the country, from the island of Mallorca to the capital of Andalusia, Seville. Its warm Mediterranean climate and rugged landscape have been a magnet for many, from invaders from north Africa to the holidaymakers of today, helping to shape many of its gardens. Looking to the future, Monty also visits projects which have tried to mitigate the effects of the tourist boom and the increased challenges brought about by climate change.

Each region has its own customs, culture, architecture and gardens, including an allotment at the foot of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the lush greenery of the Pazo de Oca, a giant puppy made entire from live plants in Bilbao and a groundbreaking botanical garden in Barcelona.


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