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March 14, 2014

Natur Im Garten s12.

Series repack.

German language with hard coded English subs.

“Natur im Garten” is broadcast regularly on Austrian nationwide TV network, ORF 2. Hosted by Karl Ploberger, an avid organic gardener, it is focused exclusively on the principles of organic gardening. Each show features an organic garden in Austria, from the smallest urban garden to the grandest aristocratic park. Also included are many practical gardening tips, and expert herbalist, Uschi Zezelitsch explains the culinary, medicinal, and cosmetic uses of wild and garden plants.


Today’s featured garden is Karl Ploberger’s own organic garden in the state of Upper Austria. We look at his spring flower meadow, his fruit tree trials, and his pond. “Gardening Naturally” explains raised beds and crop rotation, and Uschi shows how to make cough syrup of the native coltsfoot plant.

A rather unusual village garden in Lower Austria is featured in this episode. Full of cleverly recycled items and inhabited by a donkey, the garden is open to the public and owned by a woman who thinks that gardening should be fun rather than work. “Gardening Naturally” is about companion planting, and Uschi uses garlic mustard to prepare a delicious spring roll.

Today, we are invited to a tour of the Botanical Garden of Vienna, guided by the director himself. With lots of history and collections of rare plants, it is truly a garden of superlatives. Mulching is the subject of “Gardening Naturally”, and Uschi introduces us to the “king of salad leaves”, lamb’s lettuce.

A garden, 80 metres long and only five metres wide, is a challenge to any garden designer. With intuition rather than planning, today’s featured garden was turned into a beautiful outdoor living space. “Gardening Naturally” explains why the tomato is Austria’s favourite vegetable, and Uschi reveals how asparagus gets her into bikini shape.


The park of Grafenegg Palace in Lower Austria is a famous concert venue, but with its rich horticultural history dating back to the Baroque era, it is also of interest to gardeners. The Lord of the Manor and the head gardener tell us more. Lawns and meadows are the subject of “Gardening Naturally”, and Uschi discovers the beneficial properties of a humble weed, the shepherd’s purse.

Every self-respecting gardener in the world looks to English gardens for inspiration, and Austrian gardeners are no exception. Today’s featured garden takes a lot of influence from England without losing its Viennese charm, and Uschi captures the healing powers of the queen of flowers.

Structured box hedges, peonies and heirloom roses. A swimming pond that is also a skating rink. Such an enchanting mixture of English and Italian garden styles can be found in today’s featured garden in Upper Austria. “Gardening Naturally” explains why the compost heap is the gardener’s gold mine, and Uschi serves a fruity milkshake called “Cherry Filippo”.

The house looks like a palace, but it’s a converted factory. The garden looks like it’s somewhere in the countryside, but it’s right in the centre of Mozart City, and as you would expect of Salzburg, today’s featured garden has a classical music connection, too. “Gardening Naturally” is all about roses, and Uschi explains why “aspen” and “aspirin” not only sound similar.


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