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October 11, 2016

Normal for Norfolk s01.

BBC Two 13 Apr 2016

Ep01 - It is spring at Wiveton Hall and the beginning of the busy Norfolk tourist season. Over the next six months, gentleman farmer Desmond and his team need to make as much money as possible if they are to keep his 17th-century manor home afloat for another year.

In a bid to raise the profile of his cafe, Desmond has organised for a restaurant critic to write a review. On the farm, the asparagus is ready for harvest. But nothing is straightforward at Wiveton Hall and Desmond's bid to renovate a dilapidated cottage is in danger of derailing the entire operation.


Ep02 - Summer has arrived and at Wiveton Hall that means one thing - selling fruit. Over the next few months, several tonnes of strawberries and raspberries will need to be shifted. After a slow start to the season, the pressure is on Desmond and his Eastern European farmhands to deliver. Summer is also the time to start thinking about the shooting season, one of Desmond's greatest passions. A new gamekeeper has been brought in to protect the pheasants on the farm. Can he meet Desmond's expectations?

Ep03 - It's high summer, but with the cafe and farm underperforming, the pressure is mounting on Desmond and his team. After a washout bank holiday weekend sees the cafe take another big hit, Desmond's latest brainwave is to bring a bluegrass band all the way over from America to play in one of his barns.

Ep04 - As winter approaches, life on Wiveton Hall farm is slowing down and the eastern European farmhands are heading home. Not one to miss out an opportunity to play with fire, Desmond is putting on a pyrotechnic extravaganza to thank them for their efforts.

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