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September 21, 2012

tales from the national parks.

The National Parks are Britain's most treasured landscapes, but they are increasingly becoming battlefields. They were designated 60 years ago as places for everyone, but is that still the case? In this series the award-winning filmmaker Richard Macer spent a year amid conflicts in three different parks, on a journey to discover who they are really for.

Tales From National Parks 1of3

In each park the stories are very different, but there is something that unites them all - fiercely divided communities who are prepared to fight in order to preserve their right to enjoy the countryside. In each film Macer has secured access to the National Park Authority - an organisation which looks after the landscapes and decides upon planning matters. In all these stories the Park Authorities have a key role to play in trying to find amicable solutions to the problems which confront them.

Ep1: The Lake District.
In the Lake District, entrepreuneur Mark Weir wants to build a giant zip-wire ride from the top of a beautiful, remote mountain. But what chance does it have of getting permission when there are over 400 objectors to it? Tragically, Mark is killed in an accident during filming and never lives to see if his zip-wire becomes a reality.

Ep2: The Peak District.
A war is breaking out in the charming villages of the Peak District, with walkers, horseriders and residents angry at 4x4 drivers and trailbikers motoring up and down the green lanes for pleasure. So an 80-year-old retired primary school teacher decides to launch a campaign to get the motorists banned from a lane in her village of Great Longstone. Over the next few months the campaign snowballs and more and more villages decide they've had enough of the off-roaders on their lanes. Macer filmed for over a year in the Peak District and was granted exclusive access to the inner workings of how the Park is run. Will the Peak District Park Authority bow down to public pressure or will it side with the off- roaders?

Ep3: Locj Lomand.
What happens when gold is discovered in the hills around a tiny Scottish village? In the final episode, Richard spends a year in the small remote community of Tyndrum, where gold fever has gripped the residents. The Loch Lomond Park Authority will decide if the goldmine gets permission and there are lots of organisations that think Scotland's first goldmine is an abhorrent idea. The villagers are adamant that the goldmine is the only way prosperity can be brought to their struggling community and they are determined to get the mine approved. But who wins is down to the Park board members who are due to vote on the goldmine at a hearing in the village hall.

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