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February 24, 2016

The Allotment.

Allotments are in high demand from city dwellers without garden space to "grow your own" vegetables and fruit! This series takes the beginner and the experienced allotment holder through the growing seasons, step by step, with useful information and fun! Experienced allotment holder, David Cemlyn, demonstrates how he gets the best from his plot and steers beginners - the Bailey family - through their first year on the allotment right from choosing and clearing their plot. Meanwhile, award winning head gardener, Jane Moore, visits experienced plotters who share the secrets of their success.


Our allotmenteers build a new shed, find out what goes on in existing sheds, re-construct a second hand greenhouse, make compost and have manure delivered. They grow every thing from carrots to asparagus and butternut squash, from garlic to giant cabbage and prize winning pumpkins, and from plums and peaches to apples and figs. We answer thorny horticultural questions from watering in a drought, saving seed, and how do gardening and art relate in these delightful and productive leisure gardens.

We receive invaluable advice on soil health and organic growing from Patrick Holford of The Soil Association and discover what makes an award winning allotment from the Allotments Officer before the winning plots are celebrated at the local flower show. We find Heath Robinson techniques for maintaining a water supply in high summer and a permaculture specialist teaches us how to harvest abundant colourful, organic and nutritious crops all through the year. We visit allotments with chickens, rare sheep, horses, rabbits and bees, witness performance art and painting, help with skip-raiding and recycling and cookouts.

Allotment holders love their plots for the fresh air, healthy exercise, organic fruit and vegetables, supportive friendship networks and knowledge of where their food comes from they get when they grow their own. On this DVD more than twenty experienced allotmenteers, and a few beginners, reveal all about growing great fruit, vegetables and beautiful flowers. From 90 year old Harry, cultivating the same plot for 57 years, to the Bailey family working hard for great success in their first year, and 13 year old Aaron who keeps animals and grows vegetables. They all feature in "The Allotment"

Originally Posted 13/02/2011


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