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November 5, 2023

The Art of the Garden S01.

Ep01 - The very best of contemporary garden design around the world. Dan Pearson talks about his work at Lowther Castle in Cumbria.

The Art of the Garden S01E01.mp4

(Series re-pack)

Ep02 - Gresgarth Hall, Lancashire
Arabella Lennox-Boyd is the doyenne of horticultural designers and has been laying out a garden for 40 years at Gresgarth Hall in Lancashire.

Ep03 - Hepworth Wakefield Gallery Garden
A look at Tom Stuart-Smith's work at Hepworth Wakefield Gallery Garden, at task that could pose his greatest challenge.

Ep04 - Episode 4 - Fonthill House, Wiltshire
Tania Compton's remodelling work at Fonthill House, Wiltshire, with the garden transformed with a modern touch that is still keeping in line with its16th-century roots.

Ep05 - Horatio's Garden, Salisbury
Cleve West's work on Horatio's Garden South West at the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre in Salisbury District Hospital.

Ep06 - Northamptonshire Garden
James Alexander-Sinclair's two projects separated by a few miles in Northamptonshire, summing up two types of work that land on the desks of designers.

The Art of the Garden S01E06.mp4

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