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September 1, 2018

The Beechgrove Garden Story.

The Beechgrove Garden has been a perennial fixture on the mantlepiece of Scottish life since 1978. To celebrate, we have dusted off old tapes and unearthed treasures from the past 40 years to create a one-hour special programme that takes you down the garden path of Beechgrove's growth. In this special programme, return to Beechgrove's humble beginnings in the back garden of BBC Aberdeen, when the garden was a small, difficult to manage patch of land. This reflected a familiar scenario faced by many first-time gardeners in 70s when they moved out of multistorey tenements and flats.

There are embarrassing audition tapes and stories of presenters past and present, all mixed with a good dose of Beechgrove's gentle, good-natured humour. This special programme is introduced and narrated by Elaine C Smith, who also visits the garden at Beechgrove and meets today's presenters.

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