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March 13, 2016

The City Gardener s03.


Ep1 - The Party Garden.

Accountants Paul and Trix want to be able to use their outdoor space for anything--from an intimate meal for two all the way up to a full-on house party. They bought their terraced home just over a year ago after being seduced by the decor, but while they're more than happy with the interior, the back garden is in urgent need of attention.


Home owner Emma works as a cabin crew member on long-distance flights. She bought her terraced house five years ago and has spent a lot of time and money renovating the inside, but up until now she's ignored the space out back. She wants to convert the dull, square, concrete patio into a beautiful, country-cottage-style idyll, but the design will have to be low maintenance because Emma's job prevents her from taking on anything that needs constant attention - and that's not going to be easy.

A long, lawned, oblong garden is what draws Matt James to the Northwest of England this week but his challenge is to create the impression of a much more distant destination. Owners Jane and Jamie are keen travellers and want to bring an exotic feel to their garden to remind them of their foreign holidays. But can Matt really create a garden of paradise in this cold and rainy climate?

Matt James gets to grips with a huge front garden, tackling an area thats often relegated to the bottom of the gardening ladder.

Host Matt James faces a number of challenges as he tackles a tricky L-shaped garden in the city. Friends Zoe and Lucy have completely refurbished their traditional Victorian Terrace. Now they want to tackle the outside. However, they've got firm views on colour and style, and James must work to keep them happy.

Home owners Sarah and Simon have a garden that they never use. It can be described as a dull concrete slab--and that's being charitable. What's more, the most useful bit of this cramped backyard is tucked out of sight around the corner. So how do you make this limited space seem bigger than it really is and make proper use of that hidden corner? That's the challenge facing host Matt James in this garden makeover.



James and Debbie are living in a house that's been in do-it-yourself limbo for three years and has an outdoor space that resembles the grim industrial estate next door. It's a dismal alleyway with no redeeming features. They are desperate for help but are clueless about where to start. This is the nightmare vision that awaits host Matt James, and he's going to have to pull out all the stops to turn this wasteland into a lush green paradise.


Matt visits Kings Park in Glasgow, meeting Gordon and Sharon. They have just bought a new home, and before any interior work starts they want to get the garden sorted out - so they have a relaxing retreat when the heavy building starts.

Host Matt James ventures to an unusual split-level garden with a split personality in the heart of London's East End. But it's not just the garden that's a challenge. Home owner Lisa doesn't have a clue about gardening. She's spent a fortune on landscaping, but it's still a disaster zone. With dead and ragged plants littering the garden, Matt literally can't see the wood for the trees. Can he manage to tame this garden gone haywire and its owner's shopaholic tendencies?

Desperate to make the most of her square footage, home owner Laura wants a garden that makes her want to throw open the doors of her chic house and enjoy her outdoor space. A rural girl at heart, Laura wants her garden to have a rustic feel with a contemporary twist. Host Matt James wants to create an ambitious sunken garden, but will it make Laura's heart sink or swim?

Host Matt James really has his work cut for him when he is challenged to design a family-friendly garden that caters to everyone's needs. This proves to be difficult when everyone has different ideas about what they want. Rakhshinda loves order and formality. Her husband Arif is more relaxed and informal, and their kids just want a garden where they can play. Will James be able to please everyone, or will someone have to give in?


It's host Matt James' worst nightmare--a garden that is short, wide and built into a hillside. This garden is also a real sun trap--in fact, it's more like the Arizona desert than green and lush Sussex. And to add to his woes, the home owners, who both work from home, are demanding a lot from their diabolical space--somewhere to work, eat and relax. Will he be able to rise to the challenge?

Host Matt James has the huge task of creating impact in a tiny garden that has been completely overlooked. It's a real weed farm, and on a street of keen gardeners, this garden isn't just letting the owner down but the entire neighbourhood as well. Home-owner Dan wants to create a sense of privacy without feeling cramped in this pint-sized plot.

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