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December 24, 2016

The Flying Gardener – s02.

Gardening expert Chris Beardshaw flies by helicopter over a part of Britain, explains about the environment and helps an amateur fix his/her garden in a way that fits in its tradition.

The Flying Gardener S02E01.mkv

Ep01 - A visit to Hertfordshire, where Chris searches for wild roses and discusses the history of rose breeding, correct rose pruning and deadheading.
He helps a couple to design and plant an informal rose garden, and visits the organic rose gardens at Hatfield House.

Ep02 - Chris visits the Highlands in Scotland to find plants that thrive in damp conditions. He helps a couple who struggle with a wet garden create a lush garden. He explores the landscape to discover native plants that need wet soil and visits a famous fern garden.

Ep03 - Chris Beardshaw visits the New Forest looking for inspiration for a colourful autumn garden. They plant a selection of native and exotic trees, shrubs and vines with good bark, foliage colour and fruit.

Ep04 - Chris visits the Channel Islands to create a large flower garden suitable for cutting. He visits local gardens full of summer blossom and bold foliage for inspiration and discusses colour theory, flowering bulbs and flower arranging.

Ep05 - Chris Beardshaw visits the Devon moors to discover flowering ornamental woodland plants native to the Himalayas. He helps a homeowner design and plant a woodland garden that will thrive in her soil conditions, including trees, understory shrubs and herbaceous perennials.

Ep06 - A herb garden in the Peak District provides inspiration for a garden designed for a pair of homeopaths, who’d like to grow and understand more about herbs used in practice and in vegan cuisine.
Chris helps them create a beautiful and practical herb garden that is also beautiful.

Ep07 - Chris Beardshaw visits Snowdonia in North Wales to help a couple who want to recreate the mountains in their own garden using alpine plants. They visit a stunning plant collection for inspiration and Chris puts them to work improving their soil so it’s perfect for alpines. Chris climbs the mountains to find alpine plants in their native habitat and visits a Botanical Garden in Wales.

Ep08 - A woman in Wolverton with an overgrown garden is looking for inspiration for a late summer border. Chris helps her design a bold garden full of herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses. They visit a hardy plant nursery to look at a selection of grasses and prairie flowers in bloom.

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