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June 9, 2016

The Garden Pantry s01.

Choice TV New Zealand 2012

Everything you wanted to know about how to grow food in your garden – from soil to plant types. Plus recipes on how to cook what you produce! With Kiri Danielle. Rediscover the basics of healthy eating as we learn all about soil and worms, how to make marmalade, and visit a unique community garden project in Tauranga, New Zealand.


Kiri learns about companion planting, the importance of bees, how to freeze vegetables, and visits a unique historic geothermal garden hot house in Rotorua.

Kiri learns how to grow vegetable seedlings, preserve beetroot, and visits a community-based education centre for young parents.

Kiri visits a unique beachside country garden and learns how to preserve strawberry jam and an unusual salsa.

Kiri learns how to make a unique tomato relish and finds out about a New Zealand organization set up to help struggling families grow their own vegetables.

Kiri learns the secrets of the French potager garden, makes lemon curd, and visits a world-renowned artist with a stunning garden.

Kiri learns traditional gardening ways from a Mâori elder and then how to make bread and butter pickle, basil pesto and finally visits a unique community garden.

Kiri learns about plant rotation and how to bottle stone fruit, then visits a church group which feeds people in need from their garden.

Kiri learns down-to-earth garden secrets from a Kiwi mum, how to make a classic Kiwi tomato sauce, and then visits an inspiring country school.

Kiri learns how to cook citrus delights from a Mâori French-trained chef before visiting a community garden with a Phoenix-like beginning.

Kiri visits a biodynamic garden in alpine Taupo and then learns how to dry herbs and preserve sun dried tomatoes, and discovers how nature can inspire one to paint.

Kiri looks back at the inspiring food gurus she has met and the invaluable secrets she has learned on her travels across New Zealand’s home gardens.

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