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April 9, 2010

Hamiltons Ornamental Kitchen Garden.

This series offers a practical guide to a new style of gardening. In fact, it is not a new style but a return to traditional methods - found in gardens all over the world from medieval monasteries to Victorian kitchen gardens - when fruit, flowers and vegetables were planted in the same beds in a delightful and productive mix.

Hamiltons Ornamental Kitchen Garden 1.avi

Not only does this sort of garden look good and provide constant variety all year round, but it is ideally suited to small gardens as well as large. It attracts plenty of wildlife - especially birds and insects - which helps to keep pests under control, while the different species growing side by side make the most of the soil.

Geoff Hamilton, BBC TV's popular gardening expert, tells you everything you need to know to create an ornamental kitchen garden from scratch, or to transform an existing garden. He explains, with the help of drawings, how to plan your garden with paths, beds, patio and garden pool. He shows how to make all the essential components: brick and scree paths, arbours and pergolas, cold frames, cloches and compost bins, as well as how to lay lawns.

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