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November 5, 2016

Things Green s02.

PBS USA 7 Sep 2013

Nick Federoff hosts "Things Green," a half hour sustainable lifestyle show with a heavy emphasis on gardening.

Ep01 - Have you ever seen vegetables, like lettuce or cabbage, look like they’re from outer space with a long stem and the head perched way on top? Nick will be telling us what that’s all about and how to avoid it from happening. Then he’ll be planting herbs with kids; afterwards it’s off to growing popsicles. Plus, Nick will be fielding your gardening questions from his radio show.


Ep02 - You’re going to want to have an avocado around as we’re learning how to grow a plant from an avocado pit on Things Green. Then, no matter where you live, you can have a hint of the tropics at your home by sprouting a real pineapple – and it’ll fruit for you! Then it’s off to study some new tomato varieties; plus Nick will be fielding your gardening questions from his radio show.

Ep03 - Join Nick Federoff as we go up with vertical gardening - perfect for those that don’t have a whole lot of gardening space - on Things Green. Then, he stops and visits a hotel that takes sustainability seriously, and who’s up for a beating up a salad? We mean, who wants a beet salad? We have a class ‘A’ chef who will be sharing his recipe.

Ep04 - Make the sun work for you as we'll be hydrating our gardening efforts with some tasty sun tea. It really does taste better. Then we'll be taking an artsy look at landscape designing with a new contraption that you might see at your local nursery soon. And, container gardening is America's number one form of gardening. We'll show you how to landscape with containers.

Ep05 - Composting is one those things that everyone knows they should do, but, we don't necessarily do it. So, I thought it would be a good idea to get an insider's look at how the pros compost on a large scale basis. Imagine trees as large as trucks that have no use any longer getting squished into little tiny pieces that get broken down so small they're used to help other trees grow big and strong. That and a whole lot more.

Ep06 - There's a strange attraction to spicy foods that seem to burn your mouth right off your face. We'll learn what that heat index is and how to dry peppers. Then get some old clothes you don't need any longer as we'll be making a scarecrow, which is not only fun, but practical. And, butterflies are great pollinators. Let's create a butterfly habitat - it's easier than you can imagine.

Ep07 - I'm a teatotaller but we'll be getting a little tipsy in the garden with a unique planter that's fun and whimsical. And, you better get your smile on, as you'll be getting tips on how to become a garden paparazzo with my ABC of garden photography. Then, who doesn't want to have a little fun in the garden. We'll be showing you how to make a garden tic-tac-toe.

Ep08 - Working in the yard and garden can take a lot out of you. Don't spend money on expensive hydration drinks when you can make your own from the things you grow! And, don't you think it's time to be branching art? I'll be showing you a unique craft that's a work of art out of branches. Then, when you buy a plant, check the rootball first as it tells you a story.

Ep09 - With limited growing space, gardening is growing up with trellises, but don't settle for the same ol' - let's do something creative. And herbs can be grown indoors and out. We'll find out the tricks and learn some harvesting techiques. Afterwards, we'll be drying herbs so they can be enjoyed for months on end.

Ep10 - Get a pen and paper out, as we'll be documenting the good, bad and indifferent in your yard and garden. Keeping a garden history is important. Then, attracting wildlife to your yard and garden is important. We'll be making an up-cycle bird house. And, let's pickle some of the favorite things that come out of the yard and garden.

Ep11 - Home fires are always in the news. We'll be defining your home's fire zone and perimeter. Then, we'll discuss the science of Things Green with weed abatement techniques. Plus, there's no reason why everyone can't become a farmer with icky gooey worms.

Ep12 - Lawns don't waste water - people do! So we'll measure the amount of water and do a lot more things to make our garden water-wise.

Ep13 - Hanging baskets never go out of style, so we'll take a look at how to put one together. Then, if you have any kind of fertilizers and chemicals, we'll be sorting them out and showing you how to properly store them. Plus, do you like eating dirt? Well, we'll be making edible dirt with the Things Green Kids.

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