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August 21, 2010

top tips traditional gardening techniques.

Each garden is different and each head gardener has different methods and means of applying his knowledge. Whether it is sowing times or the right time to clip a hedge in a particular garden, the more we delve into the UK’s famous gardens the more we come across the astonishing levels of skill and knowledge that are buried deep in the hearts of these gardens and those who garden them.

Top Tips Traditional Gardening Techniques.avi

Any time spent in the company of one of the UK's head gardeners is time well spent. The depth of knowledge is astonishing and this is an opportunity to find out what makes them tick and how they keep their gardens up to the highest possible standards. These are the best gardeners in the country and they hold a deep well of horticultural knowledge. The DVD explores the traditional methods of UK Gardens and uncovers some fascinating horticultural secrets that we will be able to apply to our own gardens.

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