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April 9, 2010

trees, shrubs & flowering plants.

A Guide to their selection, planting & care. This two hour video is jam-packed with down-to-earth gardening information and advice based on the experience and expertise of Peter Seabrook and presented by him with the help and technical knowledge of Anne Swithinbank.

PS Trees Shrubs Flowering Plants.avi

It shows the many different types of plant material that are available and their different uses in modern gardens, including advice on Conifers - Trees - Shrubs - Climbers - Herbaceous Plants - Annual Flowers - Bulbs, Corms and Tubers. A special plan has been devised to help you select the right ones for your garden. Peter and Anne show you the correct techniques for planting, sowing seeds, pruning, feeding and steps for long-term care. You will find advice on recognising and controlling the major pests and how to plant hanging baskets and patio containers. By roaming around a few suburban gardens you'll learn many gardening lessons and pick up plenty of ideas - especially on how to provide colour throughout the year.

Chapter 1 - The types of Plants Available
Chapter 2 - The 5 Point Plan for Selection
Chapter 3 - Planting and Care for Trees, Shrubs and Flowering Garden Plants
Chapter 4 - Patios
Chapter 5 - Some Gardens Explored
Chapter 6 - All Year Colour

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