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July 14, 2010

wild about your garden s01.

The series kicks off in a small back garden in Crayford, Kent. It is the kind of garden that many of us have: a manicured lawn with narrow borders around the edges. It is home to Betty, a lovely lady who cannot understand why she never sees butterflies these days.

Wild About Your Garden S01E01.avi

She has put up bird feeders, but is not attracting any of our feathered friends. In fact, she misses wildlife so much that she has gathered a menagerie of plastic animals to fill the gap. Cue BBC1's man of action Nick Knowles, award-winning garden designer Chris Beardshaw and wildlife buff Ellie Harrison. The Wild About Your Garden crew are on a mission to attract the real thing into Betty's garden. It is the ultimate reverse make over, as the garden has to go backwards before it can go forwards. They rip out over ten tons of concrete and crazy paving to make way for hundreds of plants plus 14 fully mature trees, one which weighs as much as a couple of cars!

Episode 2
The Wild About Your Garden trio are in the city of Bristol, taking on a garden belonging to Mark and Fiona. Even though they live on the edge of a city, they're desperate for their baby to grow up with wildlife close at hand. It may sound simple, but the team has just four days and their neglected plot hasn't been touched in more than 20 years.

Episode 3
In the third programme in the series, the Wild About Your Garden team faces their toughest challenge yet: to attract the rare red squirrel to a barren garden in Dundee. The garden belongs to Donna, Kerry and their two children, Jake and Millana. Wildlife specialist Ellie seeks refuge from the chaos of the garden, so takes Donna and Millana to the magnificent Cairngorms, one of the last strongholds of the red squirrel, to try and catch a glimpse of this extraordinary animal. Nick tries to convince the locals to plant trees in every garden to create a red squirrel runway, straight from the local woods into the family’s garden.

Episode 4
The Wild About Your Garden team face a rather prickly problem in Birmingham. Annie and Andy's garden is more wild to the eye than wildlife-friendly but it does not take long for Ellie Harrison to see an opportunity to help a British garden favourite, the hedgehog. With Ellie on a crusade to help nocturnal wildlife, garden maestro Chris Beardshaw sets to work on the ambitious task of building a Gothic ruin, the centrepiece of his night garden. It is difficult to rein in his ambition, as Nick Knowles soon discovers. With Chris suggesting they build a canal and Ellie making moth-feeding stations from old socks and treacle, Nick begins to suspect he is the only sane one left!

Episode 5
The Wild About Your Garden team are in Milton Keynes, home to the Gibbons family - helping builder Pete, who's idea of gardening is to bring in a JCB and a blow torch. His meddling has managed to cause nigh-on irreparable damage to the family's garden, much to his wife Anne's despair. Their teenage son Andrew wants wildlife, but the only things visible from the kitchen window are the family's huge dogs. Pete has to stand by as Nick Knowles and the team strip out all of his building projects in order to transform this junkyard with rats into a wildlife haven. Before anything can grow in this urban wasteland, designer Chris Beardshaw must perform a minor miracle to make the soil fertile enough to plant anything at all. Wildlife buff Ellie Harrison wants to help dangerously-declining bumble and honey bee populations and offer one of our favourite garden birds a place to call home. It is a massive task but somehow even the dogs end up doing their bit to help.

Episode 6
In the last programme in this series the Wild About Your Garden team face a truly daunting mission as they take on a small garden surrounded by housing in the shadow of one of London's busiest roads, the North Circular. What wildlife could they possible attract here? Garden designer extraordinaire Chris Beardshaw goes all primeval and creates an incredible bog garden including trees which go in roots up. But when he makes the mistake of leaving his masterpiece for a few hours to judge at a flower show, Nick Knowles takes it upon himself to acquire a large shed and install in the garden. When the master returns, he is not best pleased.

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